The magician's apprentice (Dukas)

the most well-known work of the composer Paul Dukas is the Vertonung of the Balladethe magician's apprentice “from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This 1897 under the title „L'Apprenti more sorcier “developed orchestra work belong to the category of the program music. It is bad a musical dressing of the history of the magician's apprentice, that a broom bewitched, so that these waters for filling up a bath tub gets.

The music begins with a strained atmosphere: The master is away and the magician's apprentice is and clever whether the idea to try in charms. Finally it cannot resist the temptation any longer. First by the trumpet presented motive is the spell.

Illustration of S. Barth around 1882

on the spell rises one of the bassoon intonierte melody: It is the broom, which practices only some steps, before it makes itself armed in inexorable speed with the buckets on the way. The broom characterizing motive, which is melodisch like rhythmically much stamping SAM (the broom seems to hop a little), later taken up by other instruments and untiringly the whole piece pulls through. Pouring of the water into the tub is made by the remaining orchestra, primarily by the caper instruments, audible, likewise swelling the water in the room, after the tub is filled. Dukas did not omit a passage from the Ballade: Even the scene, in which the broom makes fear for the magician's apprentice („oh, now becomes ever more bänger me! Which expression! which views! “) is contained. The broom meckert the magician's apprentice occasionally rather impudently on.

In the midst of the piece - which is of the restlessly working broom water brought already generally speaking room distributed - the motive of the magician's apprentice is to be heard again. However it comes strongly shortened, because the magician's apprentice forgot and tries the saying him now in several kinds of clay/tone, endeavored to stop the happening. But after each wrong saying a new gush water pours into the area. Thereupon the music reaches a high point, because in its despair the magician's apprentice with the axe throws itself on the broom and two cracking „impacts “prepares for driving first an end.

But after a short break the bassoon rings out slowly with individual notes of the motive for broom. It seems, as if strive yourself the split broom to come the legs and during it still thereby is, steps a clarinet in addition, which carries out the same musical movement in the distance of a Dezime. It is the second half of the broom, which finds to own life. Again the motive of the broom sets intoniert by the bassoon. And hardly the broom is again on the way, steps one instant later this motive a second time in addition, intoniert by the clarinet on the Quinte beginning and the melody into the Subdominantenharmonie prominently: The second broom. It seems as if this only had itself to abgucken, which applies to perform task it and it does now first directly. So there is now two brooms, which run untiringly, in order to bring far waters. The music swells over on a further high point abruptly to end ever more on, everything sinks in itself together. The master is returned home and the chaos terminated. The magician's apprentice is zerknirscht, but its master leaves it with calmly spoken admonishments (conclusion passage before the four conclusion chords).

High admitting heating degrees of attained Dukas' Vertonung „of the magician's apprentice “by of roll Disney 1940 produced film „Fantasia “. No smaller one than Micky mouse plays the magician's apprentice, who fights to Dukas' music against brooms and water.


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