The Zinker (1963)

film data
of German titles: The Zinker
original title: The Zinker/L'enigme you serpent noir
production country: Germany/France
feature year: 1963
length (PAL - DVD): 89 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 16
direction: Alfred Vohrer
film script: Harald G. Petersson
production: Refuge Wendlandt
music: Peter Thomas
camera: Karl praise
cut: Hermann Haller

of the Zinker is the 14. German Edgar Wallace film of the post-war period. This was the first Wallace filming in Ultrascope. For the second time a French company (Les of film Jacques will Metz) at production costs of a Wallace crime film of the Rialto film took part. This participation was limited however again only to the financing of the film.

To 26. April 1963 was uraufgeführt the Zinker in the FRG. The cinema premiere in the GDR found to 16. October 1970 instead of. In the television the film was first to 2. October 1970 in the Second Channel of German Television and to 31. To see March 1983 in the DFF.


for years drives the so-called Zinker in the Londoner underworld its nuisance. Every time commodity stolen there is to be verhökert, it announces itself, in order to actually tear these to lowest prices. If the thieves do not deal with his offer, he “galvanizes” these with Scotland yard. Larry Greame - an on record Unterweltler - to large unknown quantities however a trap placed and knows his identity. Briefly before he can betray the Zinker, he is murdered however ice cold with the poison of a black Mamba.

Supervisor Elfords trace leads first to Mrs. Mulford - which became owner of an animal action there - and their managing director franc Suez clay/tone, because short time before a black Mamba stolen. Also Mrs. Mulfords niece Beryl - a successful Gerichtsreporterin - as well as Josua Harras - likewise reporters - are interested in the case. The underworld - everything in front Larry Greames father, mentioned “the lord” - is on revenge out and plans already a new coup against the Zinker, which is pushed ever more into the corner and therefore even before further murders not back-frightened.


The attitudes begin or end stubbornly with any article in large admission, only that it comes times to one and times flickered. In beautiful unity sank director, cameraman and Rezensent for instance at the beginning of the last third into a dawn-tired cinema sleep.

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On goose skin calculated situations are compensated by occasional Gags.

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