The longest day

film data
of German titles: The longest day
original title: The Longest Day
production country: The USA
feature year: 1962
length (PAL - DVD): 180 minutes
of source language: English, German, French
age release: FSK 12
direction: Ken Annakin (GB)
Andrew Marton (the USA)
Bernhard Wicki (DE)
Darryl F. Zanuck
film script: Cornelius Ryan
Romain Gary
James Jones
David PUR-universe
Jack Seddon
production: Darryl F. Zanuck
music: Maurice Jarre
camera: Jean Bourgoin
walter Wottitz
cut: Samuel E. Beetley

with “the longest day” produced Hollywood 1962 one of the aufwändigsten war films and one the last large cinema - films in black-and-white.

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the film is based on the factual report of the same name of Cornelius Ryan over the D-Day, the day of the landing of the allied ones in the normandy, which the final phase of the Second World War in Europe introduced 1944. The title refers to a delivered utterance of the German general field marshal Erwin Rommel, according to which the hours should become immediately after the invasion crucial its and for all involved one to the “longest day”.

For the film the three directors Ken Annakin ( the last battle) became, Andrew Marton (a tear in the world) and Bernhard Wicki (the bridge) obligates, in order to realize in each case the action strands of the US-American , British , French and German war parties in the respective languages. (In the German version synchronized throughout this aspect does not come to carrying.)


a semi documentary film with international star quantity, that developed for criticisms in episodischer form the events 6. June 1944 in normandy from the view of the allied ones and the Germans comparatively soberly represents, while younger films, like the soldier James Ryan of Steven play mountain, which on the coast of the normandy with modern, still more impressive means than dramatic prelude to actual, strong emotions waking story use storm, which is told exclusively from American view.


the film 1962 were distinguished with altogether 2 Oscars and nominated for 3 further. The honors took place for

were nominated the film for

  • “best film”
  • “best equipment in black-and-white” at Ted Haworth, Leon Barsacq, Vincent Korda and Gabriel E. Beetley
  • “best cut” at Samuel E. Beetley

some synchronous speakers


originally into black-and-white turned film became 1994, which fünfzigsten intending year of the landing in normandy, in one computer colorierten version published.


  • Cornelius Ryan: The longest day. Normandy: 6. June 1944 (OT: The Longest Day). Emperor, complaint ford 1998, ISBN 3-7042-2026-4

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