The talentierte Mr. Ripley

the talentierte Mr. Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley) is the title of a novel of Patricia Highsmith from the year 1955 and a feature of Anthony Minghella ( film script and direction ) of 1999, which is based on the novel.

Table of contents

novel action

Ripley is a young man, who tries, to survive in New York without prospects, to always do but with the talent, the required. When it is asked of the rich owner of throwing harsh ore Greenleaf to travel to Italy in order of it to convince, to the USA to return and place, Ripley this sees itself his around traveler son Dickie to its obligations as welcome opportunity. Briefly after its arrival in Italy it meets Dickie and its friend margin Sherwood, and pushes themselves fast in their lives inside. An old friend, Freddie Miles, bad-lives with an attendance Ripley of motives. Its arrival shakes Ripleys idyl and leads to the fact that it is pushed to the side.

While Ripley Freddie blames therefore, it becomes clear that Dickie made its own decision. Dickie has the call to discard people if it became their tired, and it begins to take to Ripley constant presence and increasing dependence badly. Ripleys own feelings complicated by its increasing affection to it and by the desire to keep the new life in prosperity, which offers Dickie it. The two men drive together to San Remo, where Dickie wants to look for a new house for itself. Dickie Ripley places finally to the speech and requests it to decrease/go back after the vacation into the USA. Now Ripley, plans begins to schmieden. The two rent a small boat in San Remo; Ripley kills Dickie on board and sinks the boat with the body.

It makes Dickies identity on, prepared carefully meeting with margin, in which it wants to convince it of the fact that Dickie left it. Freddie Miles draws suspicion and as it to Rome comes, in order to visit Dickie, discovers it Ripley in its place. The confrontation ends with death Freddies. Ripley existence becomes now a Katz and mouse play with the Italian police, in which Ripley succeed in however remaining in security. Dickies father and margin place Ripley, he considered, likewise murdering margin refrain however from it, when he notices that the two accepted its history.

At the end of the novel the police finds some articles from Toms dwelling in Rome, which it had deposited for the Nofall in Venice. There Tom at this time as Dickie admits was believes it now due to its finger marks to be unmasked. In addition it sent alleged will to Dickies at harsh ore Greenleaf, which could make it additionally suspicious now. Since Tom goes however at this time on board a ship to Athens, he experiences the exit of this history no longer and believes firmly in its discovery. In Athens it finally finds out that the police holds the finger marks for from Dickie and Greenleaf in addition no objection raise harsh ore against the will. Thus Tom is free.


Highsmith received for this novel, in which the figure of the Tom Ripley arises for the first time, the Edgar Allan Poe - to price of the Mystery Writers OF America. Further Ripley novels are Ripley Under Ground, Ripley's Game , the boy of the Ripley followed (The Boy Who Followed Ripley) and Ripley Under Water (the German expenditure of the novels the American original titles have mostly maintained).


only the sun was a witness

the novel became for the first time 1960 under the title Plein Soleil (German: Only the sun was filmed a witness) of René Clément with Alain Delon as Ripley and Maurice Ronet as Philip Greenleaf.

the talentierte Mr. Ripley

film data
of German titles: The talentierte Mr. Ripley
original title: The Talented Mr. Ripley
production country: The USA, Italy
feature year: 1999
length (PAL - DVD): 139 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: Anthony Minghella
film script: Patricia Highsmith
Anthony Minghella (adaptation)
production: Tom star mountain
William hearing mountain
Steve E. Andrew
Sydney pole lacquer
music: Gabriel Yared
camera: John seals
cut: Alisa Lepselter

in the version of 1999 matt Damon ( Ripley) play, Gwyneth Paltrow (margin Sherwood), Jew Law (Dickie Greenleaf), Cate blank-rushed (Meredith Logue - a role created again for this film), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Freddie Miles), Jack Dave haven (Peter Smith Kingsley - just as again created) and James Rebhorn (harsh ore Greenleaf). The film was manufactured mainly in Italy, with pictures from Rome and Venice as window blind.

deviations of the film from the novel

the film Highsmiths action follows, although Minghella inserts some subtle changes, new characters introduces very closely, in order to make Ripleys dilemma still more complicated.

In the novel margin is old fashionable and uncertain, it only one in a whole set of women will be, whom Dickie uses. In the role played by Gwyneth Paltrow however is it a suitable counterpart to Dickie, and the film suggests in several scenes that Dickies of feelings are genuine it opposite.

The film explains beyond that Ripleys interest in Dickie openly as sexual. While to it in the novel only one alludes, the film extends Ripleys of feelings up to jealousy and inferiority, and creates thereby larger tensions between the characters.

The motive for the murder at Dickie is completely different, although the situation is the same. In the film Ripley Dickie in the affect kills, after this scoffed and rejected him. Then it smears fast its traces. In the novel the murder is deliberate, plans Ripley each detail in advance, and implements it then also accordingly.

Minghella creates two new roles, in order to confront Ripley with additional difficulties. Meredith Logue is an American heiress, who is bored by the wealth of their family, but nevertheless gladly their money spends. It meets Ripley briefly after its arrival in Italy, where it already understands itself it as Dickie Greenleaf. With the common Verachtung of its families it thinks relatives a spirit to have found in Ripley (alias Greenleaf). Their presence in Rome brings Ripley of problems, while it is with margin together, since Meredith, which knows him only as Dickie, appears always in the unsuitable moment.

Toward end of the film Ripley travels with his homosexual friend Peter Smith Kingsley, a further new figure in the film, on a Ozeandampfer to Athens, it is the discovery of its murders escapes, when Meredith steps coincidentally once more into its life, and the difficulties become again acute: Peter knows it as Ripley, Meredith as Dickie, and Peter knows Meredith, meeting on board is inevitably, the discovery likewise.

When Ripley Meredith regards, the public asks itself whether it is now also in danger, but since it is in a crowd, leaves Ripley it in peace. In its cab against it it meets on Peter Smith Kingsley, who it erwürgt now with a scarf… The film ends to a further example of Ripleys a opportunistischen character, which permits it to murders with this murder, even if the discovery is probable. The public must assume that it will terminate its journey due to Merediths presence on the ship as Dickie Greenleaf.

OSCAR nominating

the film received OSCAR nominating in the categories:

further filmings with Tom Ripley

Ripley Under Ground experienced so far two filmings: 1977 turned Wim of Wenders the American friend with Dennis hopper in the Riply role and Bruno whole, 2005 Roger Spottiswoode Ripley Under Ground with Barry Pepper in the main role. Besides it occupied Tom Wilkinson, Willem Dafoe, Alan Cummings, Claire Forlani and Ian hard.

Ripley's Game developed 2002 with John Malkovich as Ripley as well as Ray vienna clay/tone, Hanns Zischler and Dougray Scott. Direction led Liliana Cavani.

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