the expression the-wipe designation particularly in the European languages Sufis, member of a Muslim asketische religious medal community, which admits for its extreme poverty and severity is.

The designation comes from the Persian word Darvish (درویش), normally a asketischen monk designation. This last word is also used, in order to express an imperturbable or asketische idiom darwaishanathabiyath (as in Urdu a asketischer characteristic); that is, an attitude, material possession u.dgl. opposite unimportant.

The-wipe practice to the Sufismus and are considered as source of the intelligence, the welfare art, the poetry, illuminating and the wisdom. E.G. became Nasreddin (Mulla Nasrudin, Hodscha Nasreddin) a legend in the Orient and India (not only for Muslims).

religious practice

numerous one the-wipes placing the poverty-gel-practiced and to live in mönchisch withdrawn Askese. Some select the existence as beggars, others are employed; Egyptian Qadiriten - in Turkey Kadiri mentioned - e.g. is. Fischer.

There are the wiping combinations (Sufiorden), e.g. Ali and Abu Bakr. They live Christian monk medal according to a monk rule, in certain sense comparably. Different medal communities and their Untergruppierungen developed in the course of the centuries and disappeared.

The ekstatische drink dance, which is practiced in the Mevlevi medal of Turkey, is considered as one of the physical methods to come purged into religious Ekstase ( majdhb, fana) to and with Allah into contact. Rifa'is, which the-wipe, perforate themselves “so howling mentioned” with measurers, touch red-hot iron and burning coals or alive queues verzehren, depending upon group affiliation.

Other groups including the Bektashi, rank among the Janitscharen and Senussi, which are in their faith comparatively orthodox. Other medals and sub-groups sing Koranverse, drums or dance intensively, in accordance with its respective traditions. Some practice the quiet Meditation (e.g. NAK ski), as most Sufiorden is in south Asia, some from the Chishti - medal affects. Each combination has its own medal garb and special methods of the admission and the Initiation, some from them with strict Observanz.

The dancing the-wipe particularly in Turkey a routistic attraction became, the homeland of the Mevlevi medal; some dances are alone for this purpose organized.

historical and political use

western authors have quite often the designation the-wipe used and among other things historically inaccurately brought with the rebellion of the Mahdi in the Sudan and other anti-colonialistic rebellions in connection.

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