Desiré Raoul Rochette

Desiré Raoul Rochette (mentioned Raoul Rochette, * 9. March 1789 in Saint Amand, Département Cher, † 3. June 1854 in Paris) was a French archaeologist.

Rochette studied in Bourges and to the École normal Supérieure in Paris. 1813 he became a professor for grammar at the Collège de Louis-le-Grand in Paris, 1817 professor for history at that Paris University of Sorbonne. Its four-restrains Histoire critique de l'établissement the colonies grecques appeared 1815. Starting from 1818 it was active in the antique department that Paris Bibliothèque you Roi at responsible person place.

1824 he became a professor of the archaeology. As result of its lectures 1828 appeared the text book Cours d'archéologie. Starting from 1833 it published commentated listings to the antique art, first the Monuments inédits d'antiquité figurée grecque, étrusque et romaine, late Peintures of antiques inédites (1836) and Peintures de Pompéi (1844). To the antique Numismatik it published 1840 the Mémoires de numismathique et d'antiquité.

1816 it member of the Académie inscriptions et belles lettres, 1838 member of the Académie beaux kind. Besides it was corresponding member of many European scholar companies. Contributions smelling width unit published also in the Annali Memorie de l'Institut de Rome et and in the journal savants.


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