German East Africa niche society

Die Flagge der DOAG
the flag of the DOAG

the German East Africa niche society (DOAG) became to 28. March 1884 of count Behr Bandelin and Carl Peter in Berlin as a society for German Kolonisation based with the goal of the establishment of German agriculture and commercial colonies. In the autumn 1884 the society sent an expedition to East Africa. Carl Peter, Joachim count von Pfeil and Karl Ludwig Jühlke traveled under wrong names after Sansibar and closed in the hinterland of the mainland possessions of the Sultans of Sansibar of contracts with some chieftains. For those in this way „acquired “areas the society received to 27. February 1885 an imperial charter, whereby the foundation-stone for the later colony German East Africa was put. The society was converted into the limited partnership „German East Africa niche society Karl Peter and Genossen “; from this became to 7. September 1885 „the German East Africa niche society “with Carl Peter as first president. To 28. April 1888 succeeded to lease it the DOAG the coastal region of the Sultan from Sansibar to. There it however with to 15. August 1888 broken out so-called Arab rebellion the assistance of the German Reich to take up had, took over the realm finally to 20. November 1890 the administration of the colony. The society was limited from then on to the enterprise of Plantagen and commercial establishments.

The society flag is called following the founder of German East Africa , Carl Peter, also Peter flag.


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