German price

the German price was la the Meurthe with a value of 100 ,000 francs donated price for that, de of the Industriellen Henri German, which would succeed, from pc. To orbit Cloud out with an airship the Eiffelturm and be within 30 minutes again at the starting point.

The advertisement of this price German of its interest and confidence became to the rapidly developing airships moved.

One the Aspiranten on the price was into of Paris living Brazilians the Alberto Santos Dumont, which itself since 1898 with the building of airships busy. To 19. October 1901 it finally won the competition with its sixth airship.

Henri German de la Meurthe donated a further price to 1904. 50 000-Franc-Preis for the first powered flight of the world were expenditure-praised over a closed distance of at least one kilometer. It became to 13. January 1908 achieved by Henri Farman.

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