German Witu

German Witu also Wituland or Witu or Suaheliland was a German colony in east Africa. It extended from the Tana up to the Juba delta in Somalia over 300km coastal line. Until 1860 it was settlement area of different trunks. The immigration followed from the Lamu islandPatta refugee Gefolgsleute of the Nabahani. From 1865 to 1885 defense fights against the Sansibaris took place . To 8. Acquired April 1885 the brothers Clemens and Gustav Denhardt Wituland of the Sultan Achmed of Witu. They sold the country however soon because of financial emergencies to the GermanWitu society for 50000 realm Marks and 50 portion lights à 1000 realm Marks. Under German protection it stood for 27 starting from that. May 1885.

The capital was Witu.

1886 were struck back a Somali invasion. At the 1. July 1890 closed Germany with England the Helgoland Sansibar contract and gave its protectorateover Wituland up. 1890 revolted the population Witulands against the Europeans, and that last Nabahani rulers Sultan Fumo Bakari was murdered. The rising of the people was struck down by an English punitive expedition and the capital Witu the ground was made equal.

Afterwards Witu belonged to a part of British East Africa and todayto Kenya.


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