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of these articles treats the 1919 in Munich (German Reich) created German labour party; for the of the same name, already 1903 in Böhmen (Austria Hungary) a created party see: German labour party (Austria Hungary).

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establishment history

the German labour party (DAP) became by Anton Drexler and Michael Lotter, a freshly dismissed naval soldier, to 5. January 1919 (eight days before the next choice in Bavaria) in Munich in the “Café gas paste” based. It went free ones out of the resident of Munich to “Worker comitee for a good peace " out, which was likewise created and led 1918 by Drexler. Among the first members almost exclusively teammates Drexlers from railway works ranked the resident of Munich. The initiative for the establishment of the committee and the party went however not alone from Drexler, but mainlyof his Mentor Dr. Paul Tafel, Spitzenfunktionär of the allGerman federation, board of directors member of engine works Augsburg Nuremberg, Vorstandsmitglied of the Bavarian federationfederation federation and member of the Thule society. Drexler remained over its entire term of office as party chairmen a puppet of “völkischer” organizations. A little later (24. March 1919) stepped the sports journalist Karl Harrer (it gave its actual occupation with the entrance into the party not on) with the order into the party in, to observe and affect whose activities in the sense of the Thule society. It became later one of the first political opponents Adolf Hitler, whoHarrer at the beginning of the yearly 1920 from the party pushed. Further early members were the restaurant ideologist Gottfried feather/spring, the poet and dramatist Dietrich kind of hitting a corner, the baltendeutsche refugee Alfred rose mountain, the officer and later SA - leaders Ernst Röhm and the young soldier Hermann Esser.

Hitler and DAP

of Hitler the first meeting with the DAP took place to 12. September 1919. It captain became i.G. from its Vogesetzten. (in the general staff) Karl Mayr (Hitler was at this time still member of the realm resistance in the realigningand Pressebteilung I b/P the Bavarian realm military's group command 4 as a V-man). Hitler described this event as follows in my fight: “A daily received I from me vorgestzten agency the instruction to check what had it for a Bewandtnis with an apparent political association, underthe name “German labour party” in the next days (12. September) a meeting to hold intended, and in which likewise feather/spring Gottfried should speak; I would have to go and regard to me the federation once and refund then report. “Were written at this mentioned meeting in “the body room” “of the Sterneckerbräus”46 participants into the presence list. Hitler appeared in civilian clothes, although he was still a soldier, registered itself however as a private first class into the list. As residence it indicated the barracks. It participates remarkable that he concealed his activity as “education officer” or a “V-man”. Hitlerlecture behaved calmly and followed the attached discussion first likewise bored during Feders. Only as a participant the separation Bayerns of the realm and the union selbigens with Austria demanded, felt forced it to intervene. After its emotional contribution it wanted to leave the hall,as Drexler it still the text of its memoirs (“my political awaking. From the diary of a German socialist worker ") presented. Easily done of similar life history Drexlers compared with its own, held Hitler first not from own tendency contact to the party. For itthis instruction was first final. However it received few days later an invitation in form of a postcard of the DAP. Whereupon it was asked, to 16. To participate September in the hotel old rose bath in a committee meeting of the party. In addition it was communicated to it that it already asMember taken up to the party is, although it had never requested selbiges. This first conspiratorial meeting of Hitler with the party leaderses of the DAP it described as follows:“The hotel, in which the conscious meeting should take place, was [...] a very ärmliches restaurant, inonly all holy times someone to mad seemed oneself [...]. I went through the badly lit up guest room, in which no humans sat, looked for the Türe to the secondary room and had then the “conference” before me. In the twilight of a half demolierten gas lamp sat at a tablefour young humans, under it also the author of the small brochure [Drexler, note. Author article], which was called me welcome immediately on the most joyful welcomed and as a new member of the German labour party.At this time the DAP ordered after statements of Hitler about 7,50 Marks capital and onlysome well meant guiding principles. There were neither a program nor any publications, posters, handbills o.a. Nevertheless it decided after two days considering time, that would be a straight insignificant recent party like the DAP its only chance, to reach politically large. Because a party without structures could it after own discretion form and develop. At parties already established it would have reamed itself probably first on years in cadre work, before it would have attained political meaning.

Adolf Hitler membership card in the DAP

it became in such a way as 555. Member taken up to the party. However beganthe register of the members only starting from the number of 501. Thus is also by it set up the legend 7. Member or, as states later, the establishment of party again-puts.

from DAP to NSDAP

Hitler functioned in the next months and years as Propagandbeauftragterthe party, was not represented however in the executive committee. Nevertheless soon all important decisions ran exclusively over it, partly arbitrarily actually cleverly, partly, due to its increasing meaning for the party, resulted. Thus he e.g. signed. the lease for the first firm office of the party inOrder of the chairman of the party. In addition it was responsible for all organizations with meetings and the public work of the party. But a problem remained: For it the current structure of the party was too democratic, which it felt as loading. It had a leader with diktatorischen powers ago.From this position it put on itself with the entire guidance of the DAP, above all however with Drexler and Harrer. In the rest of spent it its time with demonstrations and meetings of any kind, which slowly however constantly ever more resident of Munich public attracted. Thus came alsoMoney in the cashes of the party (membership dues, donations and admission fee). For the 24. February 1920 set Hitler, against the doubts of Drexler, which first “mass meeting” the DAP under the slogan does which “us emergency! ” on. As announcement means red posters were stuck, around the left labour partiesto provoke. As place of event the festival room of the yard brewing house at the Platzl was mentioned. In the mentioned evening then 2000 humans could become acquainted with the speaker Hitler from its best side. Besides they experienced for the first time also a perfectly new kind of the meeting. It applied to protect strict discipline, thoseExpirations were clearly marked and for the first time protected young party members and - sympathizer the hall against disturbances. From this Saalschutz the SA should follow already little later. Became later the evening 24. February high-stylizes as beginning of the National Socialist movement. Because in this evening the designation became NSDAP von Hitler established (the contraction LV should emphasize the characteristic of the party and from Hitler, Eckart, Esser, Hess, Röhm and Feder at the party leadership past imported) and the 25-Punkte-Programm was introduced as demand for principle of the party. It became simultaneous as time program for unabänderbar(Hitler attached nachdräglich the passages, the program is unchangeable for 6 years) explains and it contained the demand that the party may set up no new program and will, if the 25-Punkte is fulfilled around the people not, in styles of the other people's parties, furtherin err to lead. The influence of Hitler on the production of the program is disputed, is considered however today as small. Rather the demands Drexler and its Mentoren from the Thule society are attributed. It fits that Hitler the program later rather than foot chain, because than assistancefor the conviction of the masses felt. To hold it remains that the DAP was called starting from the 24.Februar 1920 NSDAP (officially already to 20. February 1920 as NSDAP umgemeldet).

In September 1920 captain Mayr described the recent party into a letter at Wolfgang cuts which successes and developmentswith the help of the realm resistance had taken:

“The national labour party must give the basis for the strong combat patrol, whom we expect. The program is certainly some more clumsy and perhaps also incomplete. We will supplement it. Safe it is only that we under this flag nevertheless alreadyquite won many trailers. Since July previous yearly I already seek to strengthen so far me possible also the movement. […] I brought very efficient young people on the legs. A Mr. Hitler e.g. a moving Kraft became, a people speaker 1. Rank. “

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