German agriculture company

the German agriculture company (DLG) was created in the year 1885 by max Eyth.

The DLG is an organization German Agrar-und food production. The number of members amounts to today (at the end of of 2005) about 17.000. The DLG in the Sürdhessi city large Umstadt has their head office.

Task and objective of the DLG it, agrarianscientific, nourish-scientific, as well as technical realizations is practice available and - to make suited.

The DLG is non-profit and finances themselves over membership dues, incomes for services and public subsidies. It is politically and economically independent.

A historical achievement of the DLG was and is it to make for the farmers locally technological progress Germany far available. This very day the DLG operates intensive practice tests at agrariantechnical products and evaluates these after practice fitness.

Important exhibitions (fairs) the DLG:

  • Agritechnica (international agricultural engineering exhibition every 2 years in Hanover)
  • euro animal (international exhibition for animal husbandry and management every 2 years in Hanover
  • Anuga FoodTec (in co-operation with Cologne fair: International trade fair for food and beverage technology all 3 years vacation on
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