German film price

the German film price is considered as the most renowned honor to the German film. It replaces the Federal film award existing to 1999 .

The German film price is the principal item of the film promotion of the Federal Government and becomes since renaming 1999 of/ the assigned one of the Federal Government for cultureand media assign. In former times of the Federal Minister of the Interior. With altogether nearly three million euro prize money it is the maximumendowed German culture price.

The winners were selected until 2004 by a commission, since 2005 by the members of the German film academy.

As Trophäe a Statuette becomes since 1999assign in form of a woman figure. Following Marlene Dietrich role in the blue angel and the film of the same name of Rainer Werner barrel binder this carries for the names Lola. Parallel ones to the OSCAR, the most important US-American film price and to the French César, are not coincidental.

In view to the US-American model, which is lent by an academy, one created 2003 a German film academy. It replaces because of Proporz - thinking frequently jury criticized, in which also politicians and church representatives sat.

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the German film price


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from 2005 to

  • 2004 the technical categories camera, cut, Szenenbild, costume picture and film music were summarized changes and as “outstanding individual performance” were appreciated.
  • Those“Outstanding individual performance” within the range film script could be lent up to then both to a unverfilmtes and a filmed script.
  • There was a Ehrenpreis for the best foreign film
  • a second public price appreciated that the best “actors (in) of the yearly”

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