German football master

the master bowl - Trophäe for the German football master

since 1903 is out-played the German football master of the men, whereby the VfB Leipzig achieved first and the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich most titles. With the women the German master is out-played since 1974. Withnine titles is the SSG 09 Bergisch Gladbach record master. In the last years however the 1 dominates with the women. FFC Frankfurt, which got 1999 , 2001 to 2003 and 2005 the title.

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delivering mode with the men

the German football master of the men until 1948 in a championship final round one determined. Only since 1949 in the GDR with the introduction of the GDR upper league and still latersince 1963 in the Federal Republic with the introduction of the soccer federal league the German football master in a country-wide league is out-played.

delivering mode 1902 to 1933

linked years (e.g. 1903) lead - in this article - usually to articles, which describe the respective DFB Finalturnier.

The championship final round became until 1933 in the K.O. - System delivered. The winner of each K. - O. - round was determined in a play at neutral place (cup mode). Was after extension if no decision please, there was a repetition play (likewise on neutral soil). The DFB has the principle of the neutral venueoften for financial reasons held out or by selection of the play place in direct proximity one of the contractors do not occur. Already with the second championship final round 1904 such an offence against the neutrality requirement led after protests of separated crews to an abort and to a cancellation of the championship directlybefore delivering the final.

Entitled to take part the masters that were the DFB attached local and regional football federations to 1905. Among them also German football federations abroad, like the federation of the Prager of German soccer associations, whose master, who stood for DFC Prague , 1903 even in the final. Despite thatlarge number of the existing federations altogether only six crews participated in the first German championship. The number of participants rose one year later already to eight and 1905 to eleven crews.

The high number of the existing federations and in particular the large sporty achievement differences arranged thatDFB in the year 1906 to a reform. From now on the final tournament should be delivered in each case with eight crews. This regulation applied until 1924. The realm area was divided in seven regions, in which starting from the season 1906/1907 own in each case regional championships one delivered.

To thatregions south (

  • championship since 1898), already existing,
  • center (championship since 1902),
  • west (championship since 1903)
  • Berlin Brandenburg (championship since 1890, however mostly in several with one another rivaling federations)

came from now to still the regions

  • north,
  • southeast
  • northeast (only starting from 1907).

Entitled to take part were now only thoserespective regional master as well as the acting German master as title defenders.

An exception formed the region Berlin until 1911 however, where two, occasionally even three football federations rivaled with one another. Therefore citizen of Berlin of ball play associations was allowed, also one from this region beside the master of the play-strongest federation, the federationfurther Berlin brandenburgische crew than representatives of the two other rivaling federations (Märki football federation, federation citizen of Berlin of Athletik associations) participate. Only 1911 came it on pressure of the DFB to the union of the citizens of Berlin of federations.

During the First World War the championship play enterprise was interrupted.

A change gave it onlyin the year 1925, when the number of the final round participants was increased to 16 crews. The respective regional federations were allowed to send now two, south and West Germany even three to crews to the final round. But was not the title defender now any longer automatically entitled to take part. The above mentioned. Cup mode was maintained.

Until 1933not only the German championship but also the respective regional championships in form of a final round were delivered. In the regions there was usually a high number of highest play classes (district leagues, gau leagues, district classes or circle leagues). Most gift it in the region center also20 to 30 leagues, whose master out-played the Central German master then in a giant final round. Altogether it gave 1933 ago in Germany over 50 highest play classes.

delivering mode 1933 to 1944

the seizure of power of the NSDAP led then to a comprehensive reform of the play enterprise inGermany. The large steeped in tradition regional federations were dissolved. To their place 16 football gaus stepped, in which as the highest play class gau leagues so mentioned were furnished. The 16 respective gau league masters were allowed to then participate in the final round around the German championship.

Also the delivering mode of the championship final round was changed. Those16 teams played first in four Vorrundengruppen in and replays the respective group winners out, then in the K.O. - System (cup mode) the German master determined. This reform represented an enormous concentration process in the German football.

Until 1938 the number of the gaus remained constant, then increasedtheir number, first by the affiliation of new territories (e.g.Elsass, Austria, Sudetenland) then by allocation of the gaus, there by the war effects 2. World war long journeys to away games no more to be accomplished could not. Thus there was 1942/43 in Germany in the seasonaltogether 29 gaus (1943/44 of 31 gaus) and one returned with the final round again to the pure cup mode.

delivering mode 1945 to 1949

after the war developed the play enterprise first in the respective zones of occupation, into which one changed differently fast in addition, thuszone championships mentioned to deliver (American one, French zone of occupation as well as Berlin 1946, British zone of occupation 1947, Soviet zone of occupation 1948). Thus the representatives of the respective zones of occupation participated also in the first German postwar championship. The western zones of occupation placed in each case two and Berlin a representative and also the Soviet zone of occupation should a representative place, but the SG Planitz was then forbidden the participation. It was for long time the last attempt to deliver an all-German football championship.

In the subsequent years the championship enterprise in the GDR and in the Federal Republic developed differently.

delivering mode 1949 to1991 in the GDR

in the GDR were only delivered after 1948 1949 the master in a final round in the cup mode.

Starting from 1949 the country-wide GDR upper league was then introduced (in the season 1949/50 first still without citizens of Berlin of associations, then with the Ostberliner crews, off1950 no more at the citizens of Berlin championship did not participate). Thus starting from 1950 the respective GDR master in the league play enterprise is determined. The GDR upper league covered with its start first 14 crews, up to the season 1951/52 up to 19 associations was then supplemented and afterwards up to the year 1954 againto 14 associations reduces. Since that time played the GDR upper league up to its dissolution after the reunification in the year 1991 (starting from that 3. October 1990 under the name NOFV Oberliga) constantly with 14 crews.

delivering mode 1948 to 1963 in the BR Germany

in thatFederal Republic of Germany could not struggle through itself the DFB first to a country-wide highest play class. Here existed up to the establishment of the federal league 1963 at the beginning of 6, starting from 1950 5 football upper leagues (south, southwest, west, north and Berlin).

Until 1950 the German master at the end of the season became betweenthe qualified associations in the cup mode determines.

Starting from 1951 a Vorrunden with two quadripartite groups in and replay was delivered, both group winners denied then the final around the German championship. The 5 upper league masters were qualified for the Vorrunde. The remaining 3 star places became between the 4Vice-masters (without the 2. from Berlin) in qualification plays determines.

From this principle in some years one deviated. Due to the forthcoming world championship 1954 the number of the final round participants for date reasons was reduced to six and delivered in a single round instead of and replay. 1957 undertook the DFBto generally deliver the attempt the Vorrundengruppen in a single round, which did not work however. Therefore delivering of single rounds was limited to the years of the WM 1958 and WM 1962.

delivering mode 1963 until today in the BR Germany

in the year 1963 foundthen also the Federal Republic as last country in Europe to a single-railed country-wide league enterprise. With the season 1963/64 the German soccer federal league with 16 associations started. Already two years later the league was supplemented on 18 associations. This range of the federal league has itself up to the reunificationreceived.

After the German agreement in the year 1990 all-German football master is determined. The soccer federal league remained, the two firstplaced crews of the GDR upper league/upper league northeast to the federal league was taken up. Therefore the federal league played in the season 1991/92 also with 20 associations. The league strength becamebut already one year later 18 associations reduces and in this strength plays the federal league also today still.

German master of the men

German championship final games 1903-45

Year master finalist result date play place
1903 VfB Leipzig of German fiber plastics Prague7-2 31. May 1903 Hamburg
1904 VfB Leipzig TuFC Britannia Berlin it did not take place a final.
1905 union 92 Berlin Karlsruher FV 2:0 21. May 1905 Cologne
1906 VfB Leipzig 1. Fiber plastic Pforzheim 2-1 27. May 1906 Nuremberg
of 1907 free citizens fiber plastic Viktoria 89 Berlin 3:12. June 1907 Mannheim
1908 Viktoria 89 Berlin Stuttgart kicker 3:0 7. June 1908 Berlin
1909 Phönix Karlsruhe Viktoria 89 Berlin 4:2 30. May 1909 Breslau
1910 Karlsruher FV Holstein Kiel 1:0 ET 15. May 1910 Cologne
1911 Viktoria 89 Berlin VfB Leipzig 3:1 4.June 1911 Dresden
1912 Holstein Kiel Karlsruher FV 1:0 26. May 1912 Hamburg
1913 VfB Leipzig Duisburger SpV 3:1 11. May 1913 Munich
1914 SpVgg Fürth VfB Leipzig 3:2 ET 31. May 1914 Magdeburg
from 1915 to 1919 no championship (1. World war)
1920 1. Fiber plasticNuremberg SpVgg Fürth 2:0 13. June 1920 Frankfurt
1921 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg citizen of Berlin fiber plastic forward of 90 5:0 12. June 1921 Duesseldorf
1922 Hamburg sports association 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 2-2 ET
1:1 ET
18. June 1922
6. August 1922
no master - official: “Hamburg sports associationdone without "
1923 Hamburg sports association union upper beautiful pasture 3:0 10. June 1923 Berlin
1924 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg Hamburg sports association 2:0 8. June 1924 Berlin
1925 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg FSV Frankfurt 1:0 ET 7. June 25 Frankfurt
1926 SpVgg Fürth Hertha BSC Berlin 4:1 13. June 1926 Frankfurt
1927 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg Hertha BSC Berlin 2:0 12. June 1927 Berlin
1928 Hamburg sports association Hertha BSC Berlin 5:2 29. July 1928 Hamburg
1929 SpVgg Fürth Hertha BSC Berlin 3:2 28. June 1929 Nuremberg
1930 Hertha BSC Berlin Holstein Kiel 5:4 22. June 1930 Duesseldorf
1931 Hertha BSC Berlin TSV 1860 Munich 3:2 14. June 1931 Cologne
1932 fiber plastics Bavaria Munich unity Frankfurt 2:0 12. June 1932 Nuremberg
1933 Fortuna Duesseldorf fiber plastic Schalke 04 3:0 11. June 1933 Cologne
1934 fiber plastics Schalke 04 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 2:1 24. June 1934Berlin
1935 fiber plastics Schalke 04 VfB Stuttgart 6:4 23. June 1935 Cologne
1936 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg Fortuna Duesseldorf 2:1 ET 21. June 1936 Berlin
1937 fiber plastics Schalke 04 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 2:0 20. June 1937 Berlin
1938 Hanover 96 fiber plastics Schalke 04 3:3 ET
4:3 ET
26. June 1938
3. July 1938
1939 fiber plastics Schalke 04 Admira Vienna 9:0 18.Juni 1939 Berlin
1940 fiber plastics Schalke of 04 Dresdens sports club 1:0 21. July 1940 Berlin
1941 rapidly Vienna fiber plastic Schalke 04 4:3 22. June 1941 Berlin
1942 fiber plastics Schalke04 roofridge Vienna fiber plastic 2:0 5. July 1942 Berlin
of 1943 Dresdens sports club FV Saarbruecken 3:0 27.Juni 1943 Berlin
of 1944 Dresdens sports club Air Force sports association Hamburg 4:0 18. June 1944 Berlin

zone championships 1945-48

1945/46 VfB Stuttgart 1. Fiber plastic Saarbruecken SG Wilmersdorf
1946/47 1.FC Nuremberg 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern Hamburg sports association SG Charlottenburg
1947/48 1.FC Nuremberg 1.FC Kaiserslautern Hamburg sports association SG Planitz union upper beautiful pasture

German championship - final game 1948

Year master finalist result date play place
1948 1.FC Nuremberg 1.FC Kaiserslautern2:1 8. August 1948 Cologne

championship final games in the Federal Republic of Germany 1949-1963

Year master finalist result date play place
1949 VfR Mannheim Borussia Dortmund 3:2 n.V.10. July 1949 Stuttgart
1950 VfB Stuttgart Offenbacher of kicker 2:1 25. June 1950 Berlin
1951 1.FC KaiserslauternPrussia Münster 2:1 30. June 1951 Berlin
1952 VfB Stuttgart 1.FC Saarbruecken 3:2 22. June 1952 Ludwigshafen
1953 1.FC Kaiserslautern VfB Stuttgart 4:1 21. June 1953 Berlin
1954 Hanover 96 1.FC Kaiserslautern 5:1 23. May 1954 Hamburg
1955 red white meal 1.FC Kaiserslautern 4:3 26. June1955 Hanover
1956 Borussia Dortmund Karlsruher sports club 4:2 24. June 1956 Berlin
1957 Borussia Dortmund Hamburg sports association 4:1 23. June 1957 Hanover
1958 fiber plastics Schalke 04 Hamburg sports association 3:0 18. May 1958 Hanover
1959 unity Frankfurt Offenbacher of kicker 5:3 n.V.28. June 1959 Berlin
1960Hamburg sports association 1.FC Cologne 3:2 25. June 1960 Frankfurt
1961 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg Borussia Dortmund 3:0 24. June 1961 Hanover
1962 1.FC Cologne 1. Fiber plastic Nuremberg 4:0 12. May 1962 Berlin
1963 Borussia Dortmund 1.FC Cologne 3:1 29. June 1963 Stuttgart

federal league master,since 1963/64

championship in the SBZ/Deut democratic republic 1948-1991

German master of the women

championship in the Federal Republic of Germany 1974-91

championship in German1979-1991 to 1990

this competition had democratic republic the status of a “good determination”. Only the last season was an official championship.

  • 1978/79 BSG engine center Karl Marx city
  • 1979/80 BSG bismuth Karl Marx city
  • 1980/81 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1981/82 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1982/83 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1983/84 BSG engine resounds
  • 1984/85 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1985/86 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1986/87 BSG rotation Schlema
  • 1987/88 BSG rotation Schlema
  • 1988/89 BSG turbine potsdam
  • 1989/90 BSG post office Rostock
  • 1990/91 USV Jena

German championship since 1991

master stars

since thatSeason 2004/2005 gave the German football league as reaction to a print on the leotards of the VfB Stuttgart to the associations the possibility to make their championship successes on the play clothes visible. This takes place in the form from small stars, whose number itself after the obtainedChampionships arranges. Starting from three titles one is entitled to carry a star two stars gives it starting from five titles and three stars starting from ten titles. Originally only for championships of the Federal Republic of Germany after 1963 planned, the regulation became particularly by the BFK direct current generator (tenMeistertitel in the GDR upper league), in addition, of other crews criticizes. Thus became then to 18. March 2005 calm on the DFB presidency meeting under the reservation of the agreement of the DFL the resolution that also the possibility is to be granted to all German masters before 1963 and all GDR masters,To lead stars according to the above valuation on their leotards. The DFL rejected this request however and passed on also an appropriate recommendation to the DFB.

That means that for the 1. and 2. Federal league (the direct sphere of influence of the DFL) still thoseold regulation applies, which consults only championships after the establishment of the federal league in the season 1963/64 for the computation of the stars.

For crews of the regional leagues and deeper play classes the DFB followed not the recommendation of the DFL, but has to 19. July 2005 a modifiedVersion of the original regulation for championships, which were achieved 1963 ago or in the GDR, decided. Afterwards may carry amateur crews with at least such title an individual star over the association emblem, for that optional in its center the number of the achieved Meistertitel (before 1963/64 or GDR title)to carry can.


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