German music archives

music archives in Berlin light field

German music archives Berlin continue the activities of the German Musikphonothek (1961 - 1969) since 1970. It collects all clay/tone carriers and notes appeared in Germany and is attached the German library in Frankfurt/Main as department.

German music archives Berlin become in the 4. Extension building of the German library Leipzig integrates (commencement of construction 2006, completion 2009).

On basis music publishers and clay/tone carrier manufacturers are committed to the regulation of piece of obligation of 1973 to deliver two obligation copies of each of their publications. A copy remains to clay/tone carrier collection of the German library Leipzig in German music archives, second for archiving and use to the Musikalien - and is passed on.

Since July 2000 German music archives are the collection place of the GEMA - notes. Music publishers must submit since then their pressure copy in the course of the work registration now only in German music archives and no more with the GEMA. All up to the year 2000 collected GEMA notes (210,000 pieces) are kept now in German music archives.

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