Germany radio culture

radio house at the Hans Rosenthal place in Berlin (2005)

Germany radio culture (abbreviation: DLR culture; also DKultur) is the name for the culture-oriented radio broadcasting program of the Germany radio. From 1994 to March 2005 the transmitter carried “Germany radio Berlinfor the names. Location is the former RIAS - buildings at the Hans Rosenthal place in Berlin beautiful mountain.

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Germany radio culture is particularly for its complex radio play - and feature productions well-known. Heart of the program is according to self-advertisement of the transmitter since March 2005 the six-hour radio feuilleton: On workdays from 9.00 to 12,00 o'clock and from 14.00 to 17,00 o'clock is located the current happening in art, culture and science in the center. The transmissions of DLR culture are not interrupted by advertisement.


1994 the Deutschlandfunk ( Cologne) became, the RIAS (West Berlin) as well as parts of voice of the GDR and the radio GDR 2 (east Berlin), which as Deutschlandsender culture (DS culture) the turn had survived, under the roof of a public body named Germany radio united. Members of this body are pool of broadcasting corporations, Second Channel of German Television and all 16 Lands of the Federal Republic.

While the program of the earlier federal broadcasting corporation Deutschlandfunk was allowed to keep its name and its program structure, in Berlin under the line of the program directress Gerda Hollunder a completely new program was placed to Germany radio Berlin on the legs -.

With the separating of the program directress to 30. April 2004 took over Dr. Günter Müchler, the director of program of the Deutschlandfunk, also the responsibility for Germany radio Berlin and began the work on a “evolutionary reform” citizens of Berlin of the program, whose listener number had remained visible up to then.

To 7. March 2005 went the reformed program under the new name Germany radio culture (without the enclosed Majuskel in the name) on transmission. The change of name is to document, according to transmitter, on the one hand the requirement, to be which country wide culture radio, and on the other hand the misunderstandings to eliminate, which were connected with the old name: Germany radio Berlin was noticed to often as mainurban regional transmitters, not as the second column of country wide, advertising-free sound broadcasting.

transmission technology

DLR culture becomes over UKW, DAB, medium wave and long wave (radiated from 2 to 5 o'clock at night in the DRM - mode. In addition a short wave transmitter at the location Berlin exists. Over the branch RA satellite system DLR culture is to be received both similarly and digitally.

The UKW Sendernetz is developed gradually. Only in parts of East Germany DLR culture is radiated surface covering over strong UKW frequencies. In the old Lands of the Federal Republic however the range-strong frequencies were already to a large extent distributed with kind of sending. Therefore the program is dependent on relatively weak transmitters with small range in the cities. Therefore it is to be received practically only approximately around the cities. However gradually ever further frequencies are locked. Frequency list / frequency map (pdf)

on the web page of the Germany radio [1] one can call the current program up in addition as liveStream. Additionally for May 2004 selected contributions on-line will be able archived and via audio on and to be after-heard. In addition a broad Podcast is available - offer for downloading since in the middle of 2005.

some strong frequencies on UKW

(transmitting power: At least 15 KW)

of frequency transmitting station transmission area
100.0 Augsburg nördl. Swabia
89.3 yard Upper Franconia
94.2 sun mountain Östl. Thuringia, Upper Franconia
97.2 island mountain Thuringia
97.4 breaking into/resin Saxonia-Anhalt, östl. Nieders., north Thür.
90.8 Cottbus Lausitz
89.6 Berlin Berlin/Brandenburg
97.1 Helpterberg Vorpommern
95.3 Schwerin Mecklenburg
96.7 Marlow Nördl. MV
107.7 Cuxhaven Elbmündung
106.1 Dahlem the Eifel


on the homepage of the transmitter can be received the current program as liveStream. Selected contributions are archived on-line and can be belonged via “audio on that and”. Since in the middle of 2005 exists a variety, which is to be downloaded as Podcast.


  • Florian Schwinn: “The radio feuilleton. Interview with director of program Günter Müchler. “In: CUT, Jg. 9, No. 3 (March 2005): S. 20 f. To on-line version

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coordinates: 52° 28 ′ 51 " n. Break, 13° 20 ′ 14 " o. L.


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