German national movement

the German national movement (often also German national movement written) developed in the old Austria Hungary and was considered as decided national current of the there German-speaking population. Their trailers called themselves German national ones.


the German national movement took up 1879 to Austria Hungary openly the fight with the up to then dominant German liberal a party . It created later allGerman knight of more beautiful one the Linzer in such a way specified program, which demanded a privileged position for the areas Galizien and Dalmatien in co-operation with larger and. George knight of more beautiful one was time life of decided opponents of a Austrian Patriotismus and convinced radical Antisemit. Its race hatred and nationalistic Fanatismus affected the young Adolf Hitler strongly. Many founders of the later German school association were members of the German national movement.

1885 were infiltrated the German national movement strongly by Antisemiten and disintegrated rapidly into two directions: The movement founder, George knight of more beautiful one, and its trailer shank came rapidly with the having citizen state into contrast, while however the majority of the German national ones stood further faithfully to the commonwealth Austria Hungary.

1891 went down the German national movement finally. Their ideas affected also the Völki movement and/or. lived in this away.


the German national movement was for the political connection of the closed German settlement areas of Austria Hungary to the German Reich. Accordingly the federal colors of the German national movement were black-and-white red, while the color sequence was regarded black-red-golden far Rhine as national colors of the German Austrians and used equally with the realm colors: “… in the colors black-and-white red see we, the trailers of the German national ones, the affiliation of the German Austrians to the German Reich, and in the colors black-red-golden the will to belong to this German people!


from the German national movement came out numerous successor organizations:

  • 1891 were created the German national party
  • , 1896 the German people's party
  • and 1901 the allGerman movement.
  • 1910 were added to these still the German national federation , which became already 1911 strongest Kraft in the Austrian realm advice.

Into the 1930er years developed from the national federation the largeGerman people's party (Austria) and the German national party as well as the German National Socialist labour party (Czechoslovakia).

Also in the realm there was a successor organization, which was based on the principles of the German national movement: the German national people's party, which was created 1918.


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