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date of the today's daily: 9. May

current one message and events in December 2005.

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events of the day

Thursday, 1. December 2005

  • planets: In December all five bright planets in the course of the night hours are visible. Details (also to moon and starlit sky) under chronicle.
  • Brazil: In the northeast Federal State Alagoas becomes a prominent member that land lots - movement shot. As the catholic Pastoralkommission for soil communicates, the 24-Jährige is this year already the 39.Todesopfer among the agricultural workers. In the course of the agrarian reform several families had received country, but afterwards some murder threats get.
  • UNHCR: Österr. Diplomat Gottfried Köfner takes over his office as a representative UN - of the Flüchtlingshochkommissariats (UNHCR) in Germany. The 52-jährige was last a UNHCR representative in Vienna.

Friday, 2. December 2005

Saturday, 3. December 2005

  • Beirut, New York: The German public prosecutor Detlev Mehlis wants to only lead the UN investigation of the murder case Rafik Hariri because of its main profession to year end. With the assassination attempt from the 14.2. 23 further humans died beside the ex Prime Minister. The UN considers extending the end of 2005 running out mandate which considers necessary also of Lebanon government. Next week will hear Mehlis at the UN seat in Vienna of 5 struggle-high Syrians of the secret services, over to 15.12. to be able to report the Security Council in New York.
  • White Russia: Criticism at the government is to become punishable. The parliament in Minsk decides a law, according to which each discrediting of the state would be criminally actionable. It must be approved of still by the upper house and by president Alexander Lukaschenko. International one of human right - groups criticize the measure sharply as asphyxiation of the opposition. The Byelorussian KGB justifies it with the danger of revolutions as in Georgien, the Ukraine and Kirgisien.

Sunday, 4. December 2005

Monday, 5. December 2005

  • Caracas, Venezuela: The alliance of the official supporter parties of president Hugo Chavez wins all seats in the national parliamentary election according to own data. The party Chavez' (movement for the fifth republic) achieves with 114 of 167 besides the necessary two-thirds majority for constitutional amendments. The election turnout was, after all important opposition parties had withdrawn themselves surprisingly from the choice, with approximately 25%.

Tuesday, 6. December 2005

  • Teheran, Iran: A military aircraft of the type C-130 falls with the attempt of a forced landing over the capital. At least 90 persons die. Iran possesses 15 Hercules C-130. Because of the restaurant sanctions imposed by the USA it is missing for over 25 years at spare parts for the airplanes in Iran.
  • Moers, Germany: The Kabarettist Hanns Dieter Hüsch dies with 80 years.

Wednesday, 7. December 2005

  • China: With a renewed pit misfortune close Peking 96 mountain workers are buried, further 27 can save itself. The explosion in the mine Liuguantun with the city seaweed-beautiful is already the fourth heavy accident in 10 days and might the number of the victims of 229 to over 320 increase.
Angela Merkel und die US-Außenministerin am 6. Dezember
  • Germany: On the occasion of the attendance of the US State Departments Condoleezza Rice and the discussions over anti-terror activities of the CIA in Europe the new Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel speaks of the fact that the US Government accepts an error regarding the obviously erroneous arrest of the German-Libanese Masri. American media contradict that: Opposite Merkel Rice granted only that sometimes within the political range errors happen and they were if necessary corrected. By the official silence of the USA to the then kidnapping the transatlantic relations is again loaded.
  • Iran: The Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinedschad calls the world without Zionismus at a conference to erase Israel from the map to. Offiz. Agency Irna quotes only in August the selecting: „The Islamic world will not let its historical enemy live in their center.” A new wave of Palestinian notices will extinguish „this fire mark”. Many of the 3,000 conference participants (usually radical-conservative students) skandierten thereupon slogans against Israel and America.
    The expressions cause international indignation. In Berlin and Paris they are condemned on the sharpest, some states call the Iranian Ambassadors into the State Departments. The speaker of the white house Scott McClellan sees the doubts confirmed, which has the US Government because of of Iran atomic politics. Teheran points this back with the reference, it goes to it only around power production. The Gaza Strips - departure of Israel called Ahmadinedschad a trick. Friday (end of the chamfering monthly Ramadan) was explained as the Kuds day (Jerusalem - day) and country-wide solidarity demonstrations for the Palestinians was announced.

Thursday, 8. December 2005

Friday, 9. December 2005

Saturday, 10. December 2005

  • Spain: The Spanish police has in the south of the country sieves men arrested. The support is put to them by Algerian Muslim extremists with connection to the aluminium-Kaida to the load. Over planned assassination attempts in Spain there would be at present no references, so the police.
  • Nigeria: In Nigeria obviously a passenger airline had an accident when starting. According to medium reports are to have died up to 100 humans. The machine of the Nigerian airline „Sosoliso” should have flown from haven Harcourt to Abuja.

Sunday, 11. December 2005

  • London: In close proximity to London in the morning a fuel yard exploded. The explosion occurred about 15 kilometers far away from the airport Luton. According to police data 40 humans were hurt, two of them heavily. After several hours the fire-brigade got the fire under control. The police warned however, it could come to further explosions. The police of heart-Ford-almost proceeds from an accident. It gives no referring to another cause, said a spokeswoman. Reports an eye-witness, he an airplane into the camp falling saw, the police disclaimed expressly.

Monday, 12. December 2005

  • Russia: The gas company „gas PROM” requested to increase the delivery prices to gas for the Ukraine in the year 2006 by the quadruple which exceeds the international market prices around a double. The price increase is considered as the revenge to the events of the orange revolution, which support by the choice manipulations from Russia president candidates were caused and with the victory of the democratic movement ended. The economic situation would worsen such drastic price increases in the Ukraine substantially and would weaken the position of the recent democracy. The price increase was demanded by the president Putin personally in a television speech. Parallel for the Byelorussian dictator Lukaschenko the delivery prices were guaranteed to 5-fold lower level in the year 2006 on around.

Tuesday, 13. Decembers the 2005

Wednesday, 14. December 2005

  • Austria/Vienna: With a fire in the school for economics (WU) it came to considerable damages to property. Humans took no damage. Above all the library and main building (UZA 1) are concerned.

Thursday, 15. December 2005

  • Iraq: today generally speaking country the parliamentary elections planned for a long time take place , by which a political calming is expected. Contrary to the Präsidentenwahl this time also two large Sunni parties take part, while smaller call further to the boycott. A strongest party might become the united Iraqi alliance of the Prime Minister Dschafari (Schiit). Other parties, in particular the Kurds, urge on larger autonomy within the many people state.
In order to make a disturbance more difficult of the elections by terrorist attacks and autobombs, for the choice day a general driving ban was issued.
  • European Union, Great Britain: this evening the last European Union summit under the British council presidency begins (with year end she turns into at Austria ). The British made a suggestion for the question of the European Union budget 2007 to 2013, which was postponed at the last summit after violent controversies, again. It was rejected in the meantime by nearly all governments because of imbalance. The Hauptprobleme are the British contribution discount existing still, which disadvantages the 10 European Union entry countries of 2004, and in of some states as too highly regarded farm subsidies. If the urgently necessary agreement is missing, the new tasks agreed upon with the European Union extension 2004 are partly unsolvable.

Friday, 16. December 2005

  • Iraq: the parliamentary elections of yesterday had a surprisingly high election turnout of approximately 70 per cent, which amounted to in some provinces of the Sunniten even to 80%. After their boycott of the two past elections (president and condition) this is regarded as hope character that in the future a co-operation of parties of all three subpopulations will be possible.
  • Brussels, European Union summit: with the summit conference of your craving bosses an agreement succeeds on the budget guidelines 2007-2013, after Great Britain the partner countries regarding its „British discount” over approx. Comes to meet 10 billion euro.

Saturday, 17. December 2005

Sunday, 18. December 2005

  • Bolivia: with the preferred presidency elections Evo Morales, the candidate of the Indios lies, with prospective over 50% of the voices in guidance.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: In the third biggest state of Africa 25 million voters are called to a condition referendum, which is organized by the UN. The provisional parliament decided the draft constitution in May 2005 (see also 21.Dezember).
  • Iraq: For three weeks the German archaeologist Susanne kidnapped in the Iraq easthope and its driver become released. Both became to 25. November on a travel of their kidnappers kidnaps.

Monday, 19. December 2005

Tuesday, 20. December 2005

  • Bolivia: with the presidency election of the 18.Dezember Evo Morales from „the movement might achieve the absolute majority to socialism” (MAS). Thus the well-known representative „of the Kokabauern becomes” a first indio stämmige president of the 1982 the democracy of country returned. The conservative candidate receives approximately a quarter of the voices.
  • Germany: The energy and chemical concern RISE UP (Duesseldorf) becomes future majority owner of the world-wide largest special chemical concern Degussa.

Wednesday, 21. December 2005

  • beginning of winter at 20 o'clock MEZ.
  • Germany: the Federal High Court waives the acquietals of the regional court Duesseldorf during the man man process. This decides now by another chamber with consideration of the right opinion of the BGH again. The renewed process around Deutsche Bank - boss field man and 5 further managers is estimated with some months.
  • Romania - Austria: the Romanian Commerzbank BCR (largest bank of the future European Union entry country) is taken over by the majority by the first bank (Vienna). Spitzeninstitut of the Austrian savings bank sector, who transferred some large savings banks since 2000 to Tschechien, Slowakei, Hungary and Croatia, pays 3,7 billion euro, which the largest transaction one österr for the participation of the majority. Enterprise abroad represents. The BCR has 25-30 per cent market share, 300 branches and about 12,000 coworkers in Romania.
  • UN: the United Nations create a commission for peacekeaping measures. After the experiences of the last decade renewed wars break out in approximately half of all cases of conflict, after a provisional settlement succeeded to the UN. The new commission is to contribute particularly to the prevention of further civil wars in Africa (Burundi, the Congo (?), Liberia and Sierra Leone), will become active in addition, in Haiti.
  • The Congo: the sun-daily referendum for new condition successfully ran according to UN data. After counting of a third of the voices a 80-per cent agreement of the voters suggests itself , which represents a condition for the final pacification of the multi-ethnical state torn up by civil wars.
Altogether 40,000 polling stations were to the 25 million voters at the disposal. There were transportation problems only in few places, however demonstrations of condition opponents in Goma and Kinshasa. The UN stationed and spoke its largest contingent at peacekeeping forces in the enormous country of the most complex and most difficult choice, which organized it ever.

Thursday, 22. December 2005

Friday, 23. December 2005

  • South Korea: The main cells - researcher Hwang Woo suk had to withdraw, after reports were confirmed that he had falsified data in its before as break-through celebrated results.
  • The Netherlands businessman fray van Anraat to fifteen years imprisonment because of accomplice shank at war crimes in Iran and in the Iraq one condemned. Van Anraat had supplied raw materials for the production of mustard gas and nerve gases.

Saturday, 24. December 2005

  • Japan/Hokuriku: Unusually strong snowstorms demanded so far at least 8 victims. In many areas avalanches were released. In the entire country it came to a traffic chaos. More than thousand households were far without river. During a course derailing in the north of the country humans died. 26 was hurt.

Sunday, 25. December 2005

  • Russia: The Russian government offers assistance for the peaceful use of the nuclear energy to Iran . The State Department in Moscow offered for this assistance during the enrichment of uranium . Iran rejected the offer.

Monday, 26. December 2005

1. Anniversary of the Tsunami disaster

Tuesday, 27. December 2005

Wednesday, 28. December 2005

Thursday, 29. December 2005

Friday, 30. December 2005

  • Egypt: During the conquest of a Protestcamps of Sudanese refugees in Cairo by the Egyptian police a mass panic broke out. At least ten Sudanese refugees were killed thereby. The refugees had demonstrated for better living conditions and the removal into a third country. (Wikinews articles)

Saturday, 31. December 2005

  • the family Chrobog kidnapped in Yemen is free. The kidnapped ex diplomat Jürgen Chrobog and its family was released by the kidnappers. This confirmed the Foreign Office.

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