Diana Amft

Diana Amft (* 7. November 1975 in Gütersloh) is a German actress.

Diana Amft became by the role of the Inken in the two films „girl, girl “and their continuation „girl, girl 2 - LOFT or love “admits.

Had begun Diana Amft already 2000 with the film „time-out “. Afterwards some TV of projects followed, like e.g. „A love on Mallorca 1 & 2 “, „innocent beasts “, as well as „two men at the stove “. 2001 came it then with its first main role into the cinemas: With „girls, girl “could land it a German hit and became national admits, in its role of the tollpatschigen, but nevertheless love-worth Inken. Afterwards the contrast of their first hit followed: With „bang-hard young “changed it to the male version of „girl, girl “and could convince again. 2004 followed then the continuation „girl girl 2 “, in which she could provide again for so some Lacher.


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