Dichroiti mirror

a Dichroiti mirror (English. dichroic mirror) is a mirror, which reflects only one part of the flash spectrum and which remainder lets through. It separates the incident light according to the wavelength and thus according to the color. The name unites the Greek words for “two” and“Color”.

Dichroiti mirrors are based on the interference of the light waves, which are reflected by a succession several thin dielectric (of thus not metallic) layers on the surface. Dichroiti mirrors are thus a special form of the interference filters and differ therefore fundamentally from color filters, on that Are based to absorption of the light in certain color gamuts.


Dichroiti mirrors are used for example in larger video cameras (three CCD cameras), in order to split the incident light up in the RGB Farbraum, to which two such mirror with reflection in different wavelength coverages are used (see also CCD).

DichroitiMirrors reflect the light of a wavelength contrary to reflection at metal surfaces very low-loss and therefore gladly in the laser technology are used. Because of low-loss reflection with intensive laser beams less achievement in the mirror one deposits; dichroitische mirrors are therefore also with very high laser achievements,those metal mirrors to be damaged, usable.

As reflectors for lamps (in particular halogen bulbs) dichroitische mirrors are used, which reflect only the visible light. The radiant heat (infra-red light) depresses it through the reflector and comes to a smaller heating up of the lit object than with metallic reflectors.


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