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poets - a specifically German word formation for the author of seal, linguistic art. The term found in 18. and 19. Century in the German preference/advantage opposite that of the poet, that from now on smiles at for the loverfrom verses stood, the Kauz, which did not receive an attention of the modern market. Opposite him the “poet” became an author of high literature of its nation, in Emphasen storm and urge, the romance and the nationalism 19. and early 20. Centurya Seher, genius and, in the outstanding case, mental leader of the nation. Pure text producer remained against it a “author “, who could make letters the occupation (and then acted as writers), during the poets at the end (so the resonant implication) recognition,on the appreciation would live, which gave the nation it. The mechanism of poet prices, poet readings, the Prussian and current German academy for language and seal carried the Konnotationen of this discourse calculation.

In the second half 20. Century lostspeaking of poets at rank opposite - so the intention - the valuation-freer of authors and, somewhat permitting more appreciation, writers.

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in the Islam is the mostly schicksalsgläubigen old-Arab poets an own, critical section of the Koran dedicated. The last four verses “the poets” (asch Schuʿara) Sure mentioned 26 set it with fortune-tellers and erring (and/or. aimlessly Umherirrenden) equivalent, of Dschinn orthe Satan are possessed and their influence on the master life wrongly were useful. The prophet Mohammed distinguishes itself from them, certifies however (in the last two late revealed and/or. added verses) at least Rechtgläubigkeit unite among them. The total contentthe Sure is a summary of the most important Prophetengeschichten Islam, which trösten Mohammed and which disbelieving ones are to warn. The Muslim-Arab poets enjoyed after Mohammed under the Umayyaden , so far it of highest Protektion the Quraisch glorifizierten and helped, the Nichtaraberto arabisieren. Main topic of the seal forwards and/or. to Mohammed was up to then the search of the loving (and therefore around-erring) poet for the lost loving.

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