Thickly Dale

thickly Dale (* 4. May 1937 in bad clay/tone, Massachusetts, the USA; actually smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Monsour) is an US-American musician. He is a pioneer of the Surf skirt and one of the most influential guitarists of the early 1960er. Together with left Wray its style affected guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. It used particularly manufactured Fender - amplifiers and experimented with response effects.


thickly Dale was born in bad clay/tone as a son of a Lebanese and a Polin. Soon he finally learned Schlagzeug, then Ukulele and guitar. As a child it became musical by its uncle, a Oud - player, affects. Its early music shows many influences of the Near East. Also he learned Surfen.

Later it supported the nature protection , after it tightened itself an injury when swimming, by environmental pollution of the water it became so bad that he lost almost a leg.


  1. Surfers' Choice (1962)
  2. King OF the Surf Guitar (1963)
  3. check-talk flag (1963)
  4. Mr. Eliminator (1964)
  5. buzzer Surf (1964)
  6. skirt out with thickly Dale and his Del clay/tone: Live RK Ciro's (1965)
  7. The of tiger Loose (1983)
  8. Tribal Thunder (1993)
  9. Unknown Territory (1994)
  10. Calling UP Spirits (1996)
  11. Spacial Disorientation

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