Thickly van Burik

thick van Burik (* 29. November 1973 in Utrecht) is a Netherlands football player.

Van Burik began with the Ultraejectum Utrecht with the soccer game. Over DSO Zoetemeer and Elinkwijk Utrecht he came into the youth department of Ajax Amsterdam. Since it could not be recommended however for the professional department of the Netherlands renowning club, it changed 1993 to NAK Breda, with which it gave its Erstligadebüt. 1996 he came then to the fiber plastic Utrecht.

After the reclimb of Hertha BSC Berlin into the soccer federal league in the year 1997 obligated the citizens of Berlin van Burik, who plays since that time in the German capital.


Van Buriks Bundesligaspiele

Van Buriks Bundesligatore


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