Didier Drogba

Didier Yves Drogba Tébily (* 11. March 1978 in Abidjan) is a ivorischer football player.

stations of its association career

after his strongest season with Olympique Marseille (2003/04), when it with 19 hits third the gate hunter list in France became and 11 hits in European competitions obtained, became it second with the choice the soccer player of the yearly in Africa. After it wanted to remain first with its favourite association Marseille, it changed then nevertheless to the fiber plastic Chelsea. Drogba is very head ball strong a Stürmer with large radius of action and: It can decide plays; therefore José Mourinho for 36 million euro got it to London.

At the beginning of its career Drogba still right defender played, but soon its talent for the offensive was recognized. 2002 wanted to get it to Mourinho to the fiber plastic postage, but Didier continued to remain with Guingamp. Then it changed to Olympique Marseille, obtained in 55 plays 29 gates. After this season it became finally interesting for the Top associations of Europe. A concrete offer gave it also from Juve; the Stürmer of the Ivory Coast decided however for the Englishmen.

Internationally Didier Drogba obtained so far 13 A-gates for the Ivory Coast. It is qualified with its crew for the soccer world championship 2006.

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