The international one (song)

the international one is the most well-known combat song of the international workers' movement. The originally French text comes from Eugène poet animal, a fighter and poet that Paris municipality, however fast into numerous languages was translated. The translation into German became 1910 of EmilLuckhardt (* 1880; † 1914) production, with exception of the fourth and fifth Strophe, which translated Erich wine ore 1959. The melody composed Pierre Degeyter 1888.

The song served the Soviet Union as national anthem, until it was replaced 1944 by the hymn of the Soviet Union.

The international one is considered world-wide as hymn of socialism and communism and is translated into most languages. In some communist oriented states it took an almost of equal standing place apart from the national anthem.

The probably most well-known German singer of the international ones was Ernst Busch. One likewisevery well-known performance of this song comes from Hannes Wader.

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