The treasure island

Karte der Schatzinsel. Robert Louis Stevenson soll sie selbst gezeichnet haben
map of the treasure island. Robert Louis Stevenson is to have drawn it

the treasure island (Treasure Iceland) is a novel of the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).

The treasure island is one of the classical adventure novels. The material, the search for a buried Piratenschatz on a treasure island, is a popular topic of legends. The novel was filmed several times.

The Erstdruck took place as multi-divisor in the magazine „Young Folks “in the time from the 1. October 1881 to 28. January 1882. The English first edition in book form appeared 1883 inLondon. One in German translated expenditure appeared for the first time 1897. Originally the novel should „The Sea Cook: A story for Boys “are called. With the characters and motives Stevenson of the book A general History OF the Robberies and Murders OF the Most has itselfNotorious Pirates of Captain Charles Johnson from the year 1724 to affect leave. The novel was Stevensons first financial success and also one with the critics.

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the old sailor Bill Bones leave after its death a map, which refers to the treasure of the notorious Piraten „Captain Flint “. The Finder, the young Jim Hawkins, contacts thereupon local sizes, which decide to the equipment of an expedition. Hawkins becomeslikewise hired and is to along-travel as a Schiffsjunge. As expedition ship „the Hispaniola serves “.

In the further obviously that also some former crew members were hired by Captain Flint with, all in front the one-legged ship cook becomes Long John Silver. During the passage the Schiffsjunge belauscht, in an apple barrelsitting, the conspirators and uncovers thereby their plans to the Meuterei. Immediate measures are not possible however.

Arrived on the island, the situation intensifies itself immediately dramatically, since the former Piraten must have armed itself and entrench itself the ship leaders ashore. The Schiffsjungeturns out between the fronts, so that nothing else remains remaining for it to search as its welfare in the escape. It meets a suspended sailor named Ben Gunn, a kind verlottertem Robinson Crusoe, which was also once member of Flints crew.

During Silverin vain tried to lift the treasure the sheet turns, and the ship leaders can win power by the assistance of the Schiffsjungen and the a settler again and overwhelm the Meuterer. There Ben Gunn in the years of its presence on the island already the treasure foundhad and in security to bring could, can it the expedition participants now ship and with Ben Gunn on the home journey go. Silver is likewise taken only to the survivor as a Meuterer also on board.

During the home travel one states that Silver obviously with a partthe treasure of board to flee could. The remaining treasure is divided between the respectable participants. Gunn uses its portion relatively fast in Spelunken. Jim Hawkins secures itself with its part training.

filmings (selection)

the first filming originates from the year 1912.

further literature

  • Long John Silver (1995), an invented autobiography of Björn Larsson, Goldmann - ISBN 3442437784
  • Captain Charles Johnson, David Cordingly: A general History OF the Robberies and Murders OF the Most NotoriousPirates, Lyons press - ISBN 1585745588 (English)
  • “Jim Hawkins and the curse of the treasure island” from Francis Bryan, ISBN 3-502-10080-2


  • in the US Federal State Georgia is in a hotel in the city Savannah, that 1734 built Pirate' s House Inn [1], that Pirat Captain Flint after “more Rum…“herumspuken requiring died its and as spirit. The procedure is not mentioned in the book, the concrete place however.
  • One of the islands, to which the novel possibly refers, is „Norman Iceland “. It belongs to British the VirginIceland [2].

Other sources assume that the Isla de la Juventud, an island before Cuba, when model for the novel served. Them were of 16. to 18. Century popular retreat area of many prominent Piraten such as z. B. Francis Drake, John Hawkins, Thomas Baskerville and Henry Morgan. [3] Also, likewise once of Piraten visited the Kokosinsel lain lonely in the Pacific (Cocos Iceland), the suggestion could have supplied to Stevensons novel. Stevenson gave no certain island in its memoirs however as collecting main for its treasure islandon.

  • In the bay of San Francisco there is an artificial island named Treasure Iceland.



  • the complete music from the Second Channel of German Television four-divisor “the treasure island”, CD 2002, BSC music, Prudence 398.6629.2
  • the Running game - album Pile OF Skulls of1992 contain the Song Treasure Iceland, which is based on the treasure island.


  • 2006 - the treasure island, double DVD with the Second Channel of German Television four-divisor, Concorde Home Entertainment, No. 2289 (only the German synchronisation is contained)

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