The winners

film data
of German titles: The winners
original titles: The winners
production country: Germany
feature year: 1994
length (PAL - DVD): 130 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 16
direction: Dominik count
Drehbuch: Dominik count, Peter Hollweg
production: Michael Hild, Dieter Minx
music: Dominik count, Helmut Spanner, Loy Wesselburg
camera: Diethard Prengel
cut: Christel Suckow

the winners is a German feature of Dominik count from the year 1994. Dominik count and Peter Hollweg wrote the film script.

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an employment of a SWAT team fails, one the criminal who can be arrested can flee. The commander Karl Simon (harsh ore Knaup) believes a former colleague to have recognized. It states that its sec. for political purposes is abused by the mafia. When it finds this out, it researches on own fist after the wire-pullers.

The group falls during a hostage release in the alps into a trap.


harsh ore Knaup and Meret Becker won the Bavarian film price for their roles.


the film was the attempt to force with high budget a success after the sample of American Actionstreifen. It became however a commercial flop despite after press reports 12 the million Marks production costs. Critics criticized at that time that one does not regard the high expenditure to the film. The career Grafs, up to then hope carriers of the German cinema, experienced a clear break.

secondary literature

Dominik count: Disturbance in the cinema. The director of the WINNERS in the discussion with Stefan Stosch over the work on the film. Hrsg. of Hauke Hückstädt. Military cock publishing house Laatzen (1998). ISBN 3-932234-51-X.

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