The Simpsons

series data
of German titles: The Simpsons
original title: The Simpsons
production country: The USA
production year (e): 1989 -
Length per episode: approx. 23 minutes
of episode number: 381+
source language: English
title music: Danny Elfman
idea: Matt Groening
category: Comedy, indication trick
Erstausstrahlung: 17. December 1989 (the USA)
Erstausstrahlung (D): 13. September 1991

the Simpsons is an US-American indication trick series, which matt Groening originally creates show 1986 for a short appearance in the Tracey Ullman. 1989 were developed it by the television station Fox network to a TV serial and run there since that time weekly. Their Erstausstrahlung in the German linguistic area had the series of 1991 in the Second Channel of German Television, since 1994 it on pro filters as well as the Pay TV offerer premiere (JetIX) is radiated. In Austria the series runs on ORF 1 and in Switzerland on SF two in the two-channel clay/tone.

Main theater is the fictitious US city Springfield, a frequent place name in the USA. In this way is tried to express the Trivilität of the series: Springfield is not everywhere and anywhere. This effect is strengthened by the Running Gag that strengstens one avoids, the Federal State to betray, in which the Simpsons lives. Thus various aspects of the US-American everyday life life (nearly Food, television, religion, corruption etc.) are karikiert.

Remarkable graphic characteristics of most Simpsons characters are yellow skin color, one over bite, four fingers at a hand and the circular eyes.

The Simpsons is most long-lived Time1_0_ Time - series and at the same time the most successful indication trick series of all times. 1997 overhauled it the family flint, which brought their 2001 an entry into the Guinness book of the records.

Table of contents

of characters

typical for the Simpsons is the fact that the majority of personnel occupation in the individual consequences from spread but forms visible spectrum at Springfield inhabitants. The Simpsons Fangemeinde made among other things it's duty to gather detailed information about the regular characters of the series.

The main action of the individual consequences is however always carried by the relatives of the Simpsonsfamilie, mainly from Homer, margin, Lisa and beard Simpson. Maggie Simpson participates mostly just passively in the main actions.

Main characters

major items: The Simpsons (figures).

Homer Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson is 36 years old. It is the family head of the Simpsons, married man of margin and father of beard, Lisa and Maggie. He works in Springfielder nuclear power station as a safety supervisor in the sector 7G, although he possesses almost no qualification for this occupation. Its boss is Charles Montgomery Burns.

In addition Homer is putridly , infantil and pleasure addicted, possesses a small attention span, a low reflection level and is inclined to drastic feeling outbreaks. After end of workday he gets drunk frequently in Moe' s tavern with its favourite beverage, Duff beer. Despite everything Homer is not quite an anti-hero in the actual sense, but a sympathy carrier. He does not pursue bad intentions and in most consequences as partial more uninterested, but nevertheless sincere family human being is shown.

Matt Groening, the inventor of the Simpsons, used the name Homer due to the name of its father and one of its sons. Homer Simpson is called also a central figure of the sow-Irish Hollywood novel day of the grasshopper (1939) of Nathanael west: it is there a neurotischer loner from the middle west.

Margin Simpson

Marjorie „margin “Simpson, born Bouvier, the wife of Homer and nut/mother of beard, Lisa and Maggie, is the good soul in the house Simpson. It lives in devoted allowance for its family and leads the household. Of this role it breaks out only rarely. It is also culturally interested contrary to Homer. She is an excellent painter, who actually studied art in its youth. It represents strong moral principles - even if it does not possess necessarily the capacity in addition, these rationally to justify - it also in the education to the children to pass on tries. Occasionally it purges to the play craze, which persists however never for a long time.

Margaret was also the name of the nut/mother of matt Groening.

Beard Simpson

Bartholomew „beard “Jo-Jo Simpson, alias „El Barto “, is the son of Homer and margin. It visits the fourth class of the primary school in Springfield, which by rector Seymour Skinner is led. Beard is exceptionally impudent and earlyripe the typical class clown.

Beard is a Anagramm for roasts, which means as much on German as bellows. In addition beard was first the Simpsons figures, since matt Groening wanted to originally tell a history about an impudent and ill-bred boy.

A very popular Gag are its fun calls with Moe, the owner of Moes tavern, as for instance „is here someone, which is called Dünsch? “.

Beard best friend is Millhouse van Houten.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Marie Simpson is high talented second of the Simpson children and. It visits the second class of the primary school of Springfield under the direction of measures Hoover. There it belongs to the presenting pupils of the school and therefore often becomes from your schoolmates as Streberin going to ELT. It has also no genuine friends or friends, why it despaired often very sadly and. It plays Bariton saxophone, is Vegetarierin, Buddhistin and Umweltschutzaktivistin. Lisa feels misunderstood of the world and in the special one of their family.

Lisa was also the name of matt Groenings sister.

Maggie Simpson

Margaret „Maggie “Simpson is the youngest member of the Simpsons and extraordinarily smart (it presses itself for example by chunks out, with which it forms words, or plays on a pentatonischen Metallophon of parts of the Nussknacker Suite), which usually however none notices from the family. It is part of the Simpsons family, plays however only very rarely a action-basic role. She speaks only in two episodes a word in each case.

Also Maggies name originates from matt Groenings family - one of its sisters is called likewise Margaret, however Maggie is called.

Allusions represent the origin

of the names the names of many Nebenfiguren on material existing persons:

  • Jaqueline Bouvier (Marges nut/mother) - Bouvier was the maiden name of John F. Kennedys wife Jaqueline
  • Seymour Skinner (rector of the primary school) - the names of the most prominent representative of the Behaviorismus, Burrhus Frederic Skinner probably carries, in the USA. The name possibly refers to „lake more skin “.
  • Chief Clancey Wiggum (the police head) - Groenings college love was called matte with surname Wiggum
  • measure Hoover (Lisas class teacher) - a basic lady teacher Groenings
  • APU Nahasapeemapetilon (supermarket leader) - APUs way in the life, one of Groenings favourite films as well as a Verballhornung of the name of a former schoolmate series authors of the Mike tear with the name Pahasa Neemapetilon.
  • Maude, Rod and Todd Flanders (frömmelnde neighbours) - all reimen themselves on god (dt. God)
  • Kang and Kodos (Aliens in the horror sequences) - a Klingone (Kang) and/or. a dictator (Kodos) from spaceship Enterprise
  • Barney Gumble (Homers Saufkumpan) - Barney Rubble (dt. Geröllheimer) from family flint
  • Troy McClure (second-class actor) - the B-Movie - actors Troy Donohue and Doug McClure
  • Dr. Nod Riviera (bad physician, called Dr. Nod) - Elvis Presleys body physician George C. Nichopoulos, called Dr. Nod
  • Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten (beard best friend and neighbour child) - after smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Milhous Nixon and Leslie Van Houten, a member „of the Manson “- family, Benito Mussolini after the Italian dictator; Milhouses grandmother (Nana Sofia) is Italian, those from an American soldier an illegitimate child has (uncle Bastardo)
  • C. (Charles) Montgomery Burns (owner of the atomic power plant) - „lake, Montgomery burns “(dt.: „Look, Montgomery burns “): Allusion on the Ku-Klux-clan, the churches and houses of black citizens anzündete (Montgomery, capital of Alabama)
  • Artie numbers (millionaire and conclusion ball company of margin) - kind sparkle (Simon and sparkle), likewise also optical similarity
  • Reverend Timothy Lovejoy (minister in Springfield) - love (dt. Love), joy (dt. Joy)
  • Simpsons (surname of the family) - it meant once that itself the surname of the family of the English word simple (dt. primitively) synchronisation


a list of the German and English-speaking synchronous speakers derives sees at the end of this article.

Some fans criticize the synchronisation of the series into German and state the fact that Synchronregisseur Ivar Combrinck for its work does not have sufficient knowledge of the English language and the American culture and in addition only partly understands the humor of the Simpsons.

Particularly its urge is criticized to translate everything completely into German so also as occasionally as possible title of songs and name of things, which admit in the German linguistic usage generally under their English name are (example: „Butt Head Memorial auditory “is translated with „ass head memory auditory “, so that the allusion is lost on the Comicfigur Butt Head. The game of roles Dungeon and Dragons (also in German only under this title available) is translated as „dungeon and kite “, or The of isotope of rules with isotope rules instead of in a general manner isotopes are sharpens translated).

Further there are many gross and unexplainable errors: Beard is called „student “, where it would have to be called „pupils “(English. student). Steven Hawking discovers one „tear in the space-time structure “, where only „a tear “sense would result in (English. tear). The sentence written by beard the blackboard „I must emergency surprise the incontinent “ (German about „I may not frighten people with weak blister “) will to the completely sense-free „I may the innocence not surprise “. Margin is asked over its birth supervisory routine and answers: „If humans to the Zwerchfell seize themselves, want them necessarily a picture of me to see “whereby them a Pessar with their do not counter-protect into the camera hold. The homonym stands „diaphragm “not only in English but also in German (diaphragm) both for „Zwerchfell “and evenly also for „Pessar “.

Other fans of the series are the opinion that the Simpsons is very well and very synchronized detail in love. Further it must be noted that some Gags are to be translated only heavily into German. Thus there are numerous wordplays and allusions on US-American politicians, television broadcasts and actors, who are not unknown in the German linguistic area or on German a sense devoted.

On the German television must be likewise done with the numerous guest appearances of prominent ones like Michael Jackson or Johnny cash without their original voices. However become for such guest characters, if possible, the generally associated synchronous voices assigned.


except for an exception are all Simpsons consequences an final history and one can the action problem-free follow, but there are again and again events, which affect later stories.

Relay 1 (episodes 1-13)

Homer has hardly money and goes with beard on a dog course. There the dog farmhand Ruprecht is hunted of its owner. Instead of money the two Simpsons bring the dog home. Later Homer on the work causes an accident and will dismiss. He finds new work, by uncovering on safety lack of the public hand. At the end it turns against its former employer and mobilizes themselves the masses. Mr. Burns sees a threat in it and resets it as a safety representative. In the consequence “the clown with the conventional mask” is clean-put to Krusty the clown by its assistants Sideshow Bob. Beard recognizes the fraud and ensures for the fact that Bob comes into the prison. This leads to an eternal enmity between both. Beard makes its first journey abroad, which leads it to France.

Relay 2 (episodes 14-35)

it comes to a marriage crisis between Homer and margin. Beard catches the dreiäugigen fish of Springfield. Beard and Lisa tell themselves in the tree house three Halloween stories. Beard would like to become Stuntman and become its actions ever more dangerously, at the end prevents Homer the most dangerous and jumps by mistake, it is for the first time extremely hurt. After the television goes broken to tell parents to its children, how they know each other learned. Grampa Simpson has an easy heart accumulation and tells its son that he has a half brother. It looks for it and ruins its career.

Relay 3 (episodes 36-59)

beard misses a school trip and must instead rector Skinner in its office to help; when it may go finally, it meets the mafia of Springfield. The Krusty a Jew places itself out is and the Simpsons of children helps it with the reconciliation with its father. Flanders quits its office job and becomes independent with its shop for link dealers. Homer recognizes which it only few over its son white and a soap crate helps him to build. Margin through-lives a housewife crisis and must recover. Homer is perfectly overtaxed with the role however educators. German businessmen buy the Springfield power station. Tingeltangel Bob will dismiss and marries Selma Bouvier.

Relay 4 (episodes 60-81)

Homer creates its own religion and speaks with God. Then he buys a snow flight and calls themselves Mr.Plow. Mr. Burns produces a Herzinfakt by different wordplays with Simpsons. The doll Gabbo makes Krusty competition and the children helps the clown with a comeback. Selma tries to become nut/mother.

Brand name of the series

style of humor

the style of humor avails itself the absurd comedy, breaking through of expectation attitudes and tendentious the Slapstick. Additionally there is to allusions on films and other works, as well as criticism at the modern society. Therefore it is also not regarded of most as a series for children.

Development of the characters

the hintergründige humor and the characteristics of the individual figures developed only in the course of the time. The characters went through outwardly like contentwise a transformation, until they arrived on the today's conditions. This concerns at least the first relay, in which the figures were still remarkably roughly drawn, for example with smaller eyes and angular outlines. Beard friend Milhouse van Houten and Barkeeper Moe are most remarkable, the two first still black hair had and Waylon Smithers, at the beginning of still with brown skin color.

Many fans of the first hour criticize the newer consequences since relay 9, since this in its eyes more ridiculous and badly characterized are and the allusions would have lost their Subtilität. Above all the break with realism, Homers character change are criticized to the so-called „Jerkass Homer “(complete idiot Homer) and the forcingness of the over hand taking Slapstickwitze contrary to the leichtfüssigen, intelligent Komik of the old relays. Again other fans find the fact that the new relays correspond to the today's time more and even in humor more biting and sow-Irish is.

Crucially however are the changes of:

  • Homer - at first still faithful-ensuring family father with good table manners and fears of failure (episodes: The failure, a completely normal family) - it is explained later throughout than dümmlicher Fresssack with partly substantial exaggerated self-confident its (Jerkass Homer).
  • Margin at the beginning of still without special characteristics. Later then trips to different characterisation of the other characters (see. bspw. Spielsucht-Marge/Alkoholsucht-Homer etc.).
  • Lisas development of the good-knowing Streberin, which speaks at the beginning in the Duktus of an encyclopedia, to the under-demanded high-talented. Their development particularly emphasized by their conversion to vegetarian nutrition and their change of faith to the Buddhismus.
  • Ned Flanders mutates from the colorless neighbour, whom Homer addresses with the surname, to the Christian fanatic with chronic harmony needyness and peculiar manner of speaking („Hey diddely doo, Homerchen “).
  • Mr. Burns, which unite to a Geizhals mouse ore and the hate of the whole city on itself, and its nearly unterwürfiger assistant Smithers, which has homosexual dreams of its boss - and to it once even its love confesses.
  • Carl Carlson and Lenny Lenard, which originally served teammates as Homers as “wadding” for Moe's tavern and within the last relays to (probably latently homosexual) a couple developed.

These characteristics give the material for many Gags and contents of the episodes.

As for indication trick series usual, the characters in the course of the time and at the end of a consequence (at the latest at the beginning of the next) do not become older take place a return to the status quo always ante. The individual persons remember events from past consequences and develop themselves further, fundamental conditions change however not, except for the following exceptions:

  • Maude Flanders and Zahnfleischbluter Murphy die.
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe and the two companions of Nelson Muntz disappear.
  • Van Houtens can be separated.
  • Lisa becomes Buddhistin and Vegetarierin.
  • APU marries and gets with his Mrs. Manjula Achtlinge.
  • Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel through-live a relationship and a almost wedding, with which Edna from Seymour again turns away.
  • Barney Gumble will will separate as a substitute drying and drinks coffee, as Seymour and Edna it besides again to the alcoholic.

The Treehouse OF horror - episodes adhere in this connection to at all no rules. They begin and end usually with completely different dramaturgischen conditions.

Main action and prehistory

most consequences begin with a shorter history, whose end forms the basis for the main action and which up to the connecting element hardly with one another to often do have.

It emerges again and again the question, which stands for 847,63 in the display of the cash, if Maggie of the cashier becomes scanned, the answer reads. This corresponded to the monthly costs of a baby in the USA, determined according to a study. In the Special to 147. Consequence is indicated the cash announcement as NRA4ever (too German: „NRA always “, with which the US-American weapon lobby NRA is meant).

Yellow skin color and four fingers

all figures with the Simpsons have four fingers at each hand and are usually - like Groening themselves - left-handed people. The only person with five fingers at each hand is God (emerges occasionally in the series; one mostly sees only its hand). Hands with four fingers emerge in many Cartoons and indication cheating endings, because they are to be drawn more simply and faster.

The Simpsons and most inhabitants of Springfield possess besides (more or less) a yellow skin color (the Simpsons the RGB - Farbwert 255/217/15). On the one hand one says, the Simpsons is yellow, because matt Groening had the color yellow at the time of sketching only available and nevertheless began to draw with this. The characters are aware of their yellow skin color. Thus beard says, when Lisa gets it with a bath that also a boy attaches importance to a maintained, yellow skin.

A further possible explanation is that one wants to continue by the colors Zapper. Also the fact that many utensils are remarkable pink within the series, leaves area for speculations. The pink articles fall out together with the yellow figures of otherwise to some extent the realistic colour of the series. Examples for this are for instance the telephone, the housing door, the wallpaper in some areas of the house, the car of the family or the television.

In the US transmission Inside the Actors Studio indicated Yeardley Smith (synchronous voice of Lisa), matt to Groening has as the choice of the yellow color the viewers to confuse and believes to make to want, the Farbeinstellungen of its television were not correct.

„No! “

„No! “is the call of Homer Simpson, become the brand name, if a misfortune happens to it or happens something negative. In the English original this call D reads' oh. This word results in actually at all no sense and over its emergence gives it many legends. As secured it is considered that in the film scripts in each case Annoyed becomes green to the series (annoyed Grunzen) stands. Homers speaker Dan Castellaneta improvised on it the D' oh. Allegedly it is to therefore come that someone wanted to say in a Talkshow once damn (condemned). When it occurred to it that swearing is verpönt in the American television, he broke off and said shifts oh. Other sources refer Laurel and Hardy (thick and stupid) to the Komiker duo, to which the fictitious curse is to decrease/go back allegedly (originally: Dooh!).

In the meantime the word is understandable entered American linguistic usage and also for most not Simpsons fans. 2001 were taken up D' oh even officially to the Webster' s Millennium Dictionary OF English and are also in the Oxford English Dictionary to be found. In the German synchronisation a short, sharp became no from the D' oh!


in numerous consequences appeared prominent musicians, actors, television moderators and sportsmen as guests. Its drawn age Egos by the material prominent ones were usually synchronized. However Stimmenimitatoren had to be found in the USA for the guest appearances (of former) US presidents. It is remarkable that the British prime minister was ready Tony Blair to synchronize its indication trick figure. Also the physicist Stephen Hawking did not let be taken it, to its figure the own voice and/or. to borrow those of its language computer. Beyond that prominent ones synchronize now and then figures, which do not have to do anything with them.

The Itchy and Scratchy show

within the Simpsons series exists a Splatter - to indication trick series on behalf of the Itchy and Scratchy show. This television broadcast extremely brutal with regularity follows the topic of the indication trick series Tom and Jerry . As model for the cat Scratchy can be considered the indication trick cat Felix the Cat. A mouse, in this case Itchy (from English. tons itch „itch “), and a cat, Scratchy (from English. tons scratch „scratch “), live in rivalry and fight each other. The Itchy and Scratchy show straight because of their extreme brutality of the children in the Simpsons world loved and karikiert in this way on the one hand force-wonderful-end television as well as the youth. Not least this series makes it for the Simpsons authors possible to take ironically the indication trick industry on the Schippe.

„The Itchy and Scratchy country “, a topic park, is a satire into the sound, forceless world rolling Disney - of the Imperiums.

Itchy and Scratchy a satire were original into the medium world, in the meantime show up however that this concept functions also in the reality. The Flashcartoon series Happy Tree Friends is just as brutal as the Itchy and Scratchy show, enjoys of extraordinary popularity, it in the German television and on DVD created.

Radioactive one

beside Itchy & Scratchy enjoys at the youth of the Simpsons world also the Comic Radioactive one of large popularity. With an atomic bomb test the hero is radioactively contaminated radioactively and receives so supernatural forces. Since a piece of the bomb lining bored itself into its head cover, it can go only with a hat on the road, in order to be recognized. Its assistant, fall out Boy, has an accident with a truck, which transports a x-ray unit. This is damaged and sends to x-ray high-energy, which fall out Boy lets likewise mutate to a superhero. With their forces they fight against numerous criminals, who were likewise inspired by film rogues (like the crab).

Ajar the two heroes are obvious to the Superheldencomics of the 60's and 70's-years, like Superman, Spiderman, Batman etc. Often stories of Radioactive become one as own actions and with own first page, which reminds of that old Comics („expenditure 23, July 1964 “), in the Simpson magazines printed. Like Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and other one in early expenditures also Radioactive one fights to Hippies or communists against the enemies Americas, in its case preferably. Also in the TV serial allusions are to be found again and again on the superheroes. Particularly in the consequence film star against will, in which in Springfield a Radioactive one film is to be turned. The consequence contained not only a biting allusion on the asking one series of the 60's, but takes also the entire Filmbranche Hollywoods on the grain.

Treehouse OF horror

Treehouse OF horror are the Halloween - consequences of the series. They have their name, since first of these consequences existed in relay 2 out in beard tree house told horror stories. Since then each year 3 new stories (in a consequence) are usually shown, at the beginning of a relay. Often they persiflieren famous works such as Edgar Allan Poes the Rabe or Stephen Kings The Shining. The special at these episodes is that stories do not have any influence on the other consequences. The two Aliens Kang and Kodos had so far in nearly each Halloween consequence an appearance.

The music

the well-known Intro topic to the series of also by other sound TRACKs admitted Danny Elfman composed. The first two notes (The Simp) contain the dissonante interval of tri tonus ( the devil in the music), which with the third note (- sons) in a Quinte is dissolved. The tri tonus is to be found extremely frequent in the Intro, what alludes then evenly by the surname of the tri tonus to the character of the family. Production, Adaptionen for special consequences and the remaining series music come from Alf Clausen, additionally the music by well-known musicians and composers, who dress mostly also a guest appearance in the respective consequence, are supplemented.

In the series one sings again and again. The songs of the series are produced and by a philharmonischen orchestra are accompanied throughout professional to a large extent. The arrangements reflect above all the American music culture 20. Century against. Often selected of category is Country, Blues, Swing, musical and the film - and Showmusik of the 40's. During the synchronisation the songs are mostly not translated, but are not provided with sub-titles.

1990 gave it a gerappten Hitparaden Knaller of beard, to DO the Bartman, including video. This song was the first single uncoupling of the album The Simpsons sings The Blues, it followed a video tie-clip of Deep Deep Trouble. On the album almost all leading actors come to word, among other things there is for instance the Duett of Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers Look RK universe Those Idiots. 2005 were noted a Duett by beard Simpson with RWSby 50 the cent, which is published in relay 16.

Duff beer

the standard beer mark of the series is Duff (from English: “worthlessly, stupidly, incompetently”). As advertising icon there are the Duffman in the series. Numerous Merchandising - articles in the surrounding field of the trick film series illustrate “Duff Bierdosen”. The producers of the “Simpsons” assign however in principle no licenses for genuine alcoholic products. 1995 placed the South Australian Brewing of cost. a beer under the name Duff ago. 1996 were subject the brewery before court of the Twentieth (20th) to Century Fox film corporation and that matt Groening Productions Inc. and production had to adjust. 2001 had to rename itself the brewery of New Zealand Duffs Brewery designated after their owner on pressure of 20th Century Fox. Australian “Duff” - doses are highly acted under collecting tanks. In the neighbour city Springfields, Shelbyville, is brewed the counterpart to Duff, the Fudd.


matt Groening selected this name for the city, in which the series plays, because it was 1989 the most frequent city name in America. The name Fairview came at place two. Springfield is to reflect the typical average of an US-American town. The multiplicity of the different Nebenfiguren represents thereby the population of the city and fulfills the different functions.

In the series is persistent avoided to call the exact situation. In some episodes references are given, where exactly the Simpsons Springfield could be, however usually become these references at the end of the episode and/or. in a later episode contradicted. If one of the figures the situation of Springfields on the map say and/or. to show, it wants is interrupted or to somebody else usually places themselves before the map. The spectator is left so intentionally in the dark over it whether it acts with the Springfield of the Simpsons at all over one the genuine Springfields in the USA, and if, around which.

The Federal State, which is applicable at the earliest as the homeland of the Springfields of the Simpsons, is Kentucky. In „the documentation sequence “ behind the Lachern the sentence falls „as many to this wunderlichen family from Kentucky “ at the end, and into the sweet-sour margin Homer gives the reference to threshing floor lake, which likewise points on Kentucky after a suggested sugar smuggling from south the border. Furthermore also a place exists named Shelbyville in Kentucky.

The fictitious city Springfield was created by Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jenediah Springfield during the development of the American continent. Half of the settlers based after a controversy, by concerning whether marriages between cousin and cousin should be permitted or not, the neighbour city to Shelbyville. Since a rivalry between the two cities, which is brought up for discussion in some consequences of the series, prevails. In addition Shelbyville is an almost perfect counterpart of Springfield, i.e. that each house as well as each person have its image in Shelbyville in Springfield. These differ simply by their appearance, resemble each other however in the fundamentals.

In the series returning scenes Springfields are frequent:

  • The road Evergreen Terrace, there the Simpsons and its neighbours, the family Flanders
  • the atomic power plant live, there work Homer Simpson
  • the primary school, those the children visit
  • Moes tavern, the master tavern of Homer, his teammates Carl and Lenny and of Barney Gumble
  • the church, their minister Reverend Lovejoy are
  • Kwik E March, the supermarket, in that the Indian APU Nahasapeemapetilon (occasionally around the clock) work
  • the home for the elderly in the Homers father Abe „Grampa “Simpson live
  • the city hall, where regularly meetings are held
  • The hospital „Springfield General Hospital “and/or. „Marvin Monroe Memorial “

1997 published Fox Interactive the computer game Virtual Springfield , in which one can explore the city more near, developed by digitally evolution, however one may visit thereby only some few places. 2003 appeared the computer game The Simpsons: Hit&Run, which is available in Germany also and which offers possibility of exploring the whole city in 3D. The arrangement of the buildings however partly contradicts itself with the series, which is because of the fact that the authors adapt the city of the action frequently somewhat.

There are also different projects of fans of the series, which with the Kartographierung the fictitious city Springfield are occupied and provided already very detailed city plans.

A further characteristic of the series is that the geography of the city, the arrangement of the individual buildings or also their size of episode to episode change: Times the city is directly because of the sea, times in a mountain valley. In some episodes Springfield is rather a town, sometimes nearly a metropolis with innumerable house block. These parameters are adapted to the need of the Plots without consideration for logical consistency with other episodes.

Relationship to the transmitter

of the transmitters Fox network, which produces and radiates the Simpsons in the USA, must prove very much humor. The Macher, around nearly completely matt the Groening separated from the production cycle, again and again builds transverse shots against the own transmitter into stories.

The Simpsons goes for example into an Internet cafe, where Homer shares of a company over Internet buys, which turns out as FOX. Frightened hammers Homer on the keyboard and roars full fear „breaking off, break off! “.

In another consequence margin and Homer see television, whereby margin short hand switches off and notices the television: „You find not also that FOX became a Pornokanal without we it noticed? “

Also the owner of FOX, Rupert Murdoch, was not preserved. In the Superbowl - episode calls itself it as „a billions-worth the poet “. Allegedly it is to have received the text only with beginning of the admission, when no more possibility of modification existed, so that it had to make good expression the bad play and speak the text.

Special attention excited Groenings statement (in an interview with the Radiosender NPR) in October 2003 matt that the FOX subsidiary Fox news Channel a complaint against to 9. March 2003 for the first time radiated episode Mr. Squirt Goes ton Washington (Krusty in the congress) threatened. In this consequence there is a scene, in which the Simpsons sees the Fox news Channel on the television. While the moderator commentates messages, messages run in the liveTicker by the picture. There one could read the among other things following information:

to this Aufmachern came still the fact that the background picture, which was to be seen, which the genuine Fox Newschannels resembled strong. Allusions on the transmitter are in many further episodes. There are however also scenes, in which the Simpsons positively describes the transmitter Fox, even if these are represented extremely ironically and exaggerated.



the Bongo Comics Group created by matt Groening brings „the Simpsons out Comics for some years “, those from Panini Comics (in former times: Dino Comics) to be located and in the German-speaking countries as well as in France be driven out. A folder are „the beard Simpson Comics “, which is cut to a younger target group rather and contains shorter stories. In addition there are some special editions: While „Krusty Comics were final the mini series after a booklet “after three booklets and „the Lisa Comics “, „beard appears Simpson' s horror show “further in the annual rhythm. Stories published in the USA as „Simpsons Comics and Stories “appeared in this country in the context „of the Simpsons of summer special editions “. Booklets out of print are available in the form of anthologies, since March 2005 give it also the series of Simpsons Classic on German. This brings ever four Comics in quarter distances, begun with the number 1. Hereunder applies however not the German publication row, but those the American. That is, that Comics are not published such as Radioactive one or Bartman Comics, in Germany these series to expenditure 50 with the normal Comics were brought out. Afterwards there was however no more material and in such a way the publication canon by the American series was kept. Meanwhile the series exceeded the number 100.

In Germany „the Simpsons Comics is “with approximately 100,000 sold booklets per month one of the most successful Comic series.

Collecting pack of cards

2001 came out in the Dino publishing house „the The Simpsons “- collecting pack of cards (STCG). The inventors were Sebastian Jakob and Michael Palm. At first it gave one starter set (with „the beard & Lisa “- deck) and three of character deck (Homer, Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders). As in each collecting pack of cards one could buy boosters, in order to improve its deck. At this time there was already planning for the Krusty deck, which appeared in May 2002. October 2002 followed the Halloween deck, with the characters Kang and Kodos. In June 2004 the probably last extension came out „extremes of sport “. This consisted only of boosters. Until December 2004 there was a league apparatus, which came however completely to succumbing. So far there were three German championships.

2004 brought the Coast to Wizards OF likewise a collecting pack of cards about the Simpsons raus. Differently than with the STCG rather younger players belong to the target group.

In the summer 2005 by Bongo Comics and Panini Simpson Sammelkarten one brought out. They were driven out for the first time with the Simpson Comics.

Aluminium Shamshoon

in October 2005 was sold the series also into the Arab world, however there were some adjustments in relation to the original. Thus Homer Omar , beard is called is called Badr. Further the rules of the Korans play a larger role, scenes with Duff beer or Schweinefleisch for the Arab version are cut out and changed. „Moes tavern “does not exist in the Arab version at all. By these changes the series loses much of its bite however according to statements of Arab fans.

The Simpsons on the transmitter Middle East Broadcasting center ( MBC) is shown. The start took place at the beginning of the chamfering monthly Ramadan, since during this time one watches television particularly much.

If the series in the Arab world should have success, then after present planning all consequences are adapted to the new market.

The film

already since the second episode gave it rumors that a film was in planning. 2004 were announced by the producers a motion picture film. As date first summer was called 2008 and of 20th Century Fox to 6. June 2005 confirms. At the end of March 2006 surprised 20th Century Fox however the Simpsons fans, as before the motion picture film Ice Age 2: Now taut's a 25-sekündiger Teaser was shown, in the The Simpsons Movie for the 27. July 2007 was announced. The film is spoken, like the series, a Zeichentrickfilm to be and of the same main speakers. The Teaser is to be seen here.


the series the Simpsons received numerous honors, then them became to 14. January 2000 with a star on the Hollywood mill OF Fame honoured.

  • 22 × Annie Award (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 4 × 1997, 3 × 1998, 2 × 1999, 2 × 2000, 2001, 2003, 4 × 2004)
  • 20 × Emmy Award (1990, 1991, 6 × 1992, 1993, 1995, 2 × 1997, 3 × 1998, 2000, 2 × 2001, 2 × 2003)
  • 5 × ASCAP Award (1995, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003)
  • 4 × genesis Award (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996)
  • 3 × EMA Award (1991, 1994, 2001)
  • 3 × WAC Winner (1997, 2 × 1998)
  • 3 × TP de Oro (2002, 2003, 2004)
  • 2 × TCA Award (1990, 2002)
  • 1 × Saturn Award (1993)
  • 1 × E Pluribus Unum Award (1996)
  • 1 × Peabody Award (1997)
  • 1 × GLAAD Media Award (1998)
  • 1 × golden Reel Award (1998)
  • 1 × British Comedy Award (2000)
  • 1 × golden Eagle Award (2000)
  • 1 × American Comedy Award (2001)
  • 1 × international monitor Award (2002)
  • 1 × Blimp Award (2002)
  • 1 × BMI film & TV Awards (2003)
  • 1 × WGA Award - TV (2004)


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, appendix: List of the synchronous speakers

A character original voice German voice
Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta Norbert Gastell
margin Simpson Julie Kavner Elizabeth people man
beard Simpson Nancy Cartwright Sandra Schwittau
Lisa Simpson Yeardley Smith Sabine Bohlmann
Abe Simpson Dan Castellaneta walter realm ELT (relay 1-8), Ulrich Bernsdorff (relay 9), refuge Raspe (relay 10-15), Michael Rüth (since relay 16)
Jacqueline Bouvier Julie Kavner Alice Franz, Elizabeth people man
Patty Bouvier Julie Kavner Gudrun Vaupel, Elizabeth people man (starting from relay 2)
Selma Bouvier Julie Kavner Ursula Mellin, Elizabeth people man (starting from relay 2)
Charles Montgomery Burns Harry Shearer pure hard break
Waylon into Smithers Harry Shearer Gerhard Acktun, Hans George Panczak (starting from relay 3)
Ned Flanders Harry Shearer Ulrich franc (starting from relay 2)
Maude Flanders Maggie Roswell Michaela Amler (isolated), Manuela Renard (standard in later relays)
Todd Flanders Pamela Hayden Michael Tichawsky and. v. A.
Rod Flanders Nancy Cartwright Michael Tichawsky and. v. A.
Otto man Harry Shearer Gudo Högel, Nico Macoulis (starting from relay 5)
Martin Prince Russi Taylor Gabor Gomberg, Inez Günther, Michelle Tichawsky
Dr. Marvin Monroe Harry Shearer Manfred earthling
Kent Brockman Harry Shearer Donald Arthur
Krusty, the clown Dan Castellaneta Hans Rainer Mueller
Reverend Timothy Lovejoy Harry Shearer Günther Clemens, Ivar Combrinck, Willi Röbke, then again Ivar Combrinck
Helen Lovejoy Maggie Roswell Bettina Kenter
Lenny Lennard Harry Shearer Bernd Simon (isolates 1 in relay), Ulf Jürgen Wagner (starting from relay 5)
Barney Gumble Dan Castellaneta Gernot Duda, Michael Rüth (starting from relay 15)
Moe Szyslak Hank Azaria Bernd Simon
Dr. Julius Hibbert Harry Shearer Klaus Guth, Berno of Cramm, Fritz von Hardenberg
APU Nahasapeemapetilon Hank Azaria Peter Musäus (relay 1), Tobias Lelle (starting from relay 2)
Seymour Skinner Harry Shearer Fred Klaus, Klaus Guth (starting from relay 14)
caretaker Willie Dan Castellaneta Werner Abrolat, Thomas of Rau (starting from relay 3)
Milhouse Van Houten Pamela Hayden Michaela Amler
Edna Krabappel Marcia Wallace Gudrun Vaupel, Inge Solbrig Combrinck (starting from relay 4)
Sideshow Mel Dan Castellaneta Ivar Combrinck (isolates, always in later relays)

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