The door with the seven locks

film data
of German titles: The door with the seven locks
original titles: La of havens aux sept serrures/
the door with the seven locks
production country: Germany /
feature year: 1962
length (PAL - DVD): 95 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 12
direction: Alfred Vohrer
film script: Harald G. Petersson,
Johannes dock
production: Refuge Wendlandt
music: Peter Thomas
camera: Karl praise
cut: Carl Otto Bartning

the door with the seven locks is the elfte German Edgar Wallace film of the post-war period. For the first time a French company took part in production costs of a Wallace crime film of the society Rialto film. This participation was limited however only to the financing of the film. The film script is based on the novel The Door with Seven LOCK of Edgar Wallace.


Scotland yard boss Sir John is helpless. Within shortest time two persons at first sight in connection are murdered. With both the police finds however in each case a mysterious key - both identical. Supervisor thickly Martin and its assistant of cross-beam take over the determinations and come, when the strange Ganove Pheeny up-crosses and states, it continue to know the door only to those the keys fit. When Pheeny is killed shortly thereafter, Martin remains only the design of a family coat of arms, which left Pheeny him.


  • the day, Berlin:

German Kriminalfilm and again rivets. That is an annoying mixture of rough Gruseltaktik and a few cheerful moments, which do not reconcile however by any means with this film.

The atrocities and crime, them do not work, them exclude themselves ridiculous. The public, disappoints, quittiert's with interruptions.

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