The eight death sins of civilized mankind

the eight death sins of civilized mankind is a book by Konrad Lorenz. It examined therein its opinion after to the “Dehumanisierung” of mankind contribute the procedures those.

It ranks among the most interesting works of the Humanethologie.

Two acceptance are the condition for its thoughts:

„it must worst effects have if a world-comprehensive ideology including from their resulting in policy on a lie are justified. “
„It is ethical truth beyond all doubt that all humans same right to same growth prospects possesses, however untruth that all is potentially equivalent! “

Table of contents

structure characteristics and malfunctions of living systems (S. 11 - Konrad Lorenz

animal and human behavior understands 18) as Ethologe as function of a system, which develops during the master history of a kind, which carries out itself in geological time intervals. The selection pressure of an environment determines their vitality on the kind comrades and thus the advancement of the kind. Fehlleistungen can develop themselves as disturbances of completely certain behavior mechanisms, similar to the disturbance of the systematic regulation of hormones by the thyroid (A. T. Digester). Each hormone has a certain effect on the total organism, and particularly with oppositely one on the other-working hormones the loss of a hormone disturbs the harmony of the effects and interactions and leads to over exciting barness or Idiotie.

That very much more complex overall system of the human drives attributes the Lorenz to instincts (behavior programs). Similarly as with robbery cats with humans in the course of the high development of adaptability and insight the instinct chains dissolved into their individual parts (P. Leyhausen). Each of these parts can become its own drive. With humans with disturbed behavior therefore the questions about the original function of a behavior in the general context with the other behaviors and about the cause of the disturbance arise by the over or subfunction of a subsystem (Ronald Hargreaves). One can define working very closely with one another the subsystems hardly from each other, because none is conceivable in its normal form without the others. That leads to the inaccurate definition: „A system is everything that enough is uniform, in order to earn a name. “(Paul Weiss)

feelings are uniformly enough and represent to readiness too completely determined behaviors, which designate biologists with aggressiveness, ranking tendency, Territorialität, breeding, Balz or flight tendency. The Feinfühligkeit of our language for psychological connections and the intuition of biologists open the connection between soul conditions and action readiness of a human drive system as working hypothesis. Each drive is importantly, independent as member of a harmonious system of its moral content as good or bad drive.

A structure characteristic of all more highly integrated organic systems as bspw. all mammals is the regulated circulation. In it several systems are verquickt so with one another that they strengthen mutually, until smallest acceleration or the smallest handicap leads to swelling or to ebbs-tide of all system functions. One calls this disturbed Homöostasen automatic control loops of positive feedbacks in the downward or upward trend. It is missing brake he and/or. an accelerator part, thus a negative feedback, so that the automatic control loop can stabilize. Automatic control loops of positive feedbacks result from the development of a behavior to an exaggerated Fehlleistung or however due to a more serious error at the automatic controller mechanism.

population of over (S. 19 - as a whole corresponds

  • to 22) the life to an automatic control loop with positive feedback and the system is unstably (signal is strengthened constantly, this leads by absence of a negative feedback to an avalanche)
  • the excessive Vermehrung of humans is a cause for most death sins
  • the gifts those humans by insights into nature, progress of the technology, which receives chemically/medical sciences leads in such a way to spoiling
  • the ability to social contact with the large city human being constantly makes excessive demands of
  • the next love is in the masses of the next ones dilutes
  • it takes place a concentration of the warm feelings on small number at friends, because we are not so constituted that we all humans love can („emergency ton of GET emotionally envolved “)
  • zusammengepfercht its leads not only to exhaustion and sand silting interhuman relations separate works directly aggression-releasing

automatic control loops positive feedbacks finds one not with individual organisms, but with living as whole one, which actually rafft ever more energy, the already errafft more energy it. Compassion lots of powers of the inorganic one like the laws of the probability hold the Vermehrung of the life in the animal realm normally within limits.

Only mankind threatens to actually even suffocate; their noblest and most differentiated characteristics and abilities dissolve in run a culture illness. The tightness in modern large cities contributes to the demarcation, utilizable human being lives in putting batteries and is not not in the situation to love all humans going beyond their friend or circle of acquaintances. Therefore one keeps oneself foreigner by feel by the body, and the indifference in relation to the wrong with others accompanies with an increasing attraction barness and a innerartlichen aggressiveness.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - so Konrad Lorenz and others:

„The population of over of the earth, which forces everyone of us by the offer in excess at social contacts to shield itself against it in one in principle „inhuman “way and which in addition by the Zusammenpferchung of many individuals aggression-releasing works close together directly. “(S. 107)

devastation of the natural habitat (S.23 - 31)


  • all organisms of a habitat are together adapted (also Raubtier/booty as kinds)
  • natural have the Fresser interest in surviving the eating, a Raubtier CAN the booty animal never exterminate (last pair of robbery animals is long verhungert before last pair of booty animals is sought out)
  • ecology change of humans are faster than those other organism (speed given by progress of the technology)


  • the general and rapidly alienation from living nature, seizing around itself, carries a large part of the debt at the aesthetic and ethical brutalization of the civilization people
  • for them is missing to reverence, it sees only cheap people work
  • the comparison old center/modern periphery also into the surrounding country corrosive „culture dishonor “(mass unit dwellings) with a histological picture normal body fabric/malicious tumor points amazing analogies to
  • translates one aesthetically into „computable “in such a way means an aesthetic dismantling v.a. Loss of information
  • uniform, structure-poor tumor cells the information for the role as useful member lost and behave like a single-cell animal, a young embryonale cell: measurement and inconsiderately
  • the self evaluation of normal humans are based with full right on the statement of its individuality (in contrast e.g. to the ant)
  • beauty of nature and the human being-created cultural environment are obviously both around humans mentally and mentally healthy too keep necessary
  • to the nature beauty must political and economical victims be brought!

Each animal, planting or kind of mushroom belonged to nature and are together adapted in its respective biotope. Robbery and booty animals form an interest community as kinds, not as individuals. If the population density of the booty falls below a certain measure, the robber perishes. Often the eaten kind has it by that eating advantages expressed, since ill and imprudent booty animals become victims and survives the average. Two ways of life (e.g. Grass and horses) can stand in a subordinate position. The legalnesses, which controls such reciprocal effects in the ecology, resembles the human economics. The ecology of humans changes around a multiple faster than all other organisms. The haste of the today's time does not leave time for examining or considering. Humans commit an ecological ruin of his environment, which will threaten him later with hunger. In addition it takes damage to its soul, because the aesthetic and ethical brutalization of the civilization leads to the loss of the reverence. With the help of the shape perception and the analogy formation Lorenz compares the edges of tumors with aerial photos of outskirts of a town.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz: „The devastation of the natural habitat, which the not only the outside environment destroys, in which we live, but also in humans all reverence before the beauty and size of a creation standing over it. “(S.107)

race of mankind with itself (S.32 - 38)

Konrad Lorenz means that the natural competition characteristics of humans were extracted with the help of the technology from its natural general context and independent so without brakes to be able itself. Under in such a way caused unnatural competition pressure increasingly human being-hostile values become generally accepted such as money greed and Zeitgeiz, which are promoted accordingly by the economic policy. Haste end of fear and ängstliche haste increase mutually, flow into descent, existence and fears of decision, limit the possibilities and the time for thinking about itself and the environment (reflection) and are reasons to the Übertäubung with alcohol, tablets or worse one. These luxury formations win as consequence of fed back production and need increases ever more influence.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz, „… the race of mankind with itself, which advances the development of the technology to our spoiling ever more rapidly, makes humans blind for all true values and to them the time takes to be incumbent on the trueful human activity of reflection. “(S.107)

heat death of the feeling (S.39 - 50)

Konrad Lorenz means that with humans due to the cases of change of the life an emotional equilibrium of the tough inertia developed, from which they developed the ability under the continuous bombardment of positive and negative attractions to foresighted behavior and increased in times of distress their prepared to take risks shank. Wages of the risk were an abundance, which released the tough inertia of the equilibrium from the weight of the emergency-conditioned Unlust, what contrast-forming as sparkling joy brillierte. Habituation to the abundance made, a completely natural behavior comfortable and slow-acting and desireless the force drawing for worse times on the market of nature.

In rich societies the market situation of the desire Unlust economics shifted toward Unlustvermeidung: The inertia principle dominates ever more, and habituation to the natural desire without missing lets little opportunity arise to genuine joy. Those instinktiv natives and culturally overlaid behaviors of the Balzens and the generation of pairs are forgotten in favor of of little arduous Promiskuität, even the mourning over the death of intimate ones is displaced as unlustvoll, the feelings flat. Instead of an excitation level, in which one acquires wages for effort, the heights and depths of the life are socially gradened, and possibilities for the development of joy bspw. after arduous ways on the summit from comfort are rejected.

Desperate boredom spreads together with the overcoming ability lacking, and emotional heat death in the feeling flattening does not permit the joy and the wrong, which result from along-human relations. Even the development of a vice for desire increase by a completely particularly thought out composition of sexual attractions (the inertia vibrated) and a constant change of these attractions before desire-killing habituation (expectation longs) becomes too arduous, or however barrierless striving for desire gain by progressive shrinking of the ability to desire experiences pushes after ever stronger attraction situations and increases the weariness up to the search and Suizidgefahr.

Suizidüberlebende - sometimes with damages of the blindness or the cross section paralysis struck - are frequently more content with their indebted handicap than without. Experience-educational elements should in the educating system preventively on itself in-NIST-end obstacles in one to be received and the inertia and habituation to the natural desire without barriers, turned out from the clock, and their victories without measure in boredom prevent, because that is better than heals.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz „… the decrease of all strong feelings and Affekte by Verweichlichung. Progress from technology and pharmacology promote an increasing intolerance against all in the smallest Unlust exciting. Thus the ability of humans disappears to experience those joys who can be won only by harsh effort when overcoming obstacles. The nature-intended wave course of the contrasts of Freud and wrong ebbs in imperceptible oscillations of nameless boredom. “(S. 107)

genetic purge (S. 51 - 67)

Altruisti behavior meant in groups - so K. Lorenz - often a danger for the particular and saves a problem for the public: On the one hand these groups have better chances of survival because of the Altruismus of their members, on the other hand one social parasites have still better chances of survival WITHIN these groups, reproduce themselves because of the smaller selection pressure, which rests on them, more frequently and endanger so the survivability of the whole group.

Lorenz with analogy reasoning transfers this mechanism to cell cultures with ungeschlechtlich multiplying cancer cells and to human societies with itself multiplies social parasites. Unreife cancer cells are schmarotzende cells of an earlier development stage, from other cells along-nourish themselves leave and usury without consideration for the whole. Cell cultures and human cultures developed ausserartlichen selection pressure therefore under inside and immune systems from anti-bodies or from paragraphs.

Basis of all juridical systems is the nature right, a highly differentiated system of innate behaviors, which plays the eternal basic melody, which lead again and again to cruelties against outstanding ones and Mobbing against minorities within the societies, hard, but fairly like the thyroid during the accomplishment of the hormone household. Fortunately these drives are overlaid cultural and form as exactly among themselves co-ordinated subsystems the current juridical system in the stress ratio of lynching and Kuscheljustiz. These two extremes of the forming of an opinion (carrot off or stroking) represent the function regulations of a right system, which is inclined to oscillations. The public is slow-acting and loves simplified exaggerations, and the opposition goes for the reconciliation of the dominant opinion into extreme positions. If the dominant opinion breaks down, the pendulum decays for the just as exaggerated side of the opposition. Because on both sides genuine individual or joint values stand, itself undamped oscillations up to the automatic controller disaster up swings can. Disorientation accompanies with selection lacking on simple quality and decentness and leads to genetic instinct losses.

Breed animal races usually lose the evolutionary recent and most differentiated instincts in favor of evolutionary primitive Fress and reproduction instincts and are inclined to the Neotenie. Also mankind breeds itself (and knows with the fact not what does it), is subject to a constant Fötalisierung and trains thereby characteristics such as world openness and playfulness, which leads during neglect from values to further losses of social behaviors. Humans, who suffer from their symptons of deficiency, are not bad, the loss are the BAD absolutely, and there it in active enmity against everything stands, which feels the society as good or decently, means religious fundamentalists completely rightfully, the devil is the matter.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz: „The genetic purge. Within the modern civilization there - except the natural sense of justice and some delivered right traditions - are no factors, which exercise a selection pressure on the development and maintenance of social behavior standards, like probably this with the increasing of the partnership becomes ever more necessary. It is not to be excluded that many Infantilismen, which make large portions of the today's „revolting “youth social parasites are possibly genetically conditioned. “(S.108)

Tear off from the tradition (S.68 - 83)

K. Lorenz means that cultures develop around powers of ten faster than the kind of the Homo sapiens. Both are at a similar selection pressure, which tests all new one thoroughly, until the proof of worth moves itself in the knowledge or kind development. Since ever more natural selection criteria are waived by mankind, exaggerated luxury formations develop as circulations of positive feedbacks.

The cultural selection decides similarly as an economic market, which is received as standard of a custom or a habit into the culture. It accepts a unhinterfragbaren character, so that their historical roots alienated humans cannot differentiate any longer, which standards importantly or for the receipt of the system are unimportant. Systems are as it were skeletons for symbolic people meat, and without insight into the reactions it is dangerous, if the meat bspw. the kneecaps abolishes. Still more practice-substantially an interference would actually only be into the human Genom.

The underestimation of the non--rational and the over-estimation of the rational one produced bspw. in the generation conflict between the Achtundsechzigern and its parents just as strong hate as the hate, which can itself between ethnical groups up swings. Ethnical groups develop like note types (Eric H. Erikson) and use symbolically clothes, behavior or accessory, in order to distinguish itself from that variety of the other groups. Eight and sixties considered the symbols of the adults exactly and operated them into pseudorationalized provocations against the Gefühllosigkeit of their parents generation wg. Hunger emergencies, Viet Nam, bureaucracy etc. - a pure malfunction of the development development of puberty. Young humans must separate from the traditions of their parents' house and exchange these by more up-to-date. The desire to fight for a good thing has a kind conservation worthiness, it otherwise not by nature into mankind would have been genetically integrated. After this phase „storm and urge “for the loosening of cultural standards lives the love for the traditional one. Between off and reconstruction a time window of the stop and Schutzlosigkeit lies - strike-end yourself cancers and pubertierende young people are alike in this sense (analogy reasoning). Depending upon the time of the occurrence of these Schutzlosigkeit one can have to be been in a stage of the firm parents relations or be condemned to eternal late puberty.

A further cause of the eight-and sixties-conflict was the accelerated cultural development: In antique and feudalen society stages the changes of the behavior standards were so small the fact that one could not differentiate the own person from that of the father and purged to the absolute identification (Thomas's man: Josef and its sons). Since II. World war accompany easy hospitalizing symptoms with infants with the disconcertion and tearing upness of their parents. A reduced contact ability, which express themselves at the adult age as indifference, and an environment, in which children cannot experience the social experience projection/lead of parents as natural superiority, do not make the Verinnerlichung more difficult of a ranking structure - so the Lorenz - without it family love would give, particularly since after modern understanding rankings are unkreative dear killers. Laissez-faire education makes children unfortunate Neurotikern, because they feel genetically pushed into the role of group leaders and unprotectedly a culturally hostilely adjusted world suspended, in which it nobody likes. Instead of more understanding and sometimes ruppiger reprimands discover they only the rubber wall of calm, pseudorationalizing cliches.

To these social problems the above mentioned came. ethical reasons in addition. From understanding and solidarity one did not dissociate oneself from hate-fulfilled comrades, and there reasonable considerations weaker drives than instinct-moderate elemental powers are, supported the faith, one could a new culture only creative on the rubble of the old establish, destruction rage against everything.

Normally thus protest is meaningful for system preservation. Young persons often identify themselves with recent groups of an old culture and want to make reforms at the traditional behavior standards together. If that is impossible, they satisfy their urge after identification and group affiliation at groups of outsiders.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz: „Tearing the tradition off. It thereby is caused that a critical point is reached, at which does not succeed any longer the recent generation, with the older culturally to inform itself, let alone to identify. They treat these therefore like a strange ethnical group and meet her with national hate. The reasons for this identification disturbance lie particularly in the contact lacking between parents and children, which already produces pathological consequences at the baby age. “(S.108)

indoctrination barness (S. 84 - 105)

K. Lorenz means that mankind is indoctrinated with the help of the science and the science with the help of mankind in the sense of this task is arranged. Each hypothesis increases its requirement for validity with the help of the verification, the Zusammensuchen of proofs, and makes it smaller with the help of the Falsifikation, the Zusammensuchen of contradicting. It forms so an Archimedean point in the sump of the uncertainty and approaches from this outgoing with the help of further hypotheses to the except-subjective reality on.

Hypotheses can be disproved or supplemented by more extensive hypotheses as bspw. the theories of the classical physics and the quantum physics, which are limited by quantum physics in their area of application, but are not disproved. Thus one proceeds from a universe with only one sentence with laws of nature, although one possibly loses or misinterprets thereby non--explainable from the perception horizon, because it arises only very rarely or is so small in its area of application that one does not notice it. If one finds neither arguments for nor against a hypothesis or a theory, then one can not use her.

If hypotheses are confirmed again and again by attempts, swings them itself mutually with the Archimedean points to theories up. If such theories make themselves young and their professors gurus, their pupils with the help of the mass media the doctrine of the public opinion, they repel each fundamental criticism from fear of prestige loss or refutation mechanically by denials, ignoring or displacements. Thus some beautiful hypothesis without concrete statement and value in use obtains nevertheless its exchange value.

Toward end of the next to last century W referred. Wundt with the Verwissenschaftlichung the psychology despite Darwin not on biology, but on the atom model. Behavior seemed to be compound from elements and be released by reflexes, whose occurrence with the simultaneous view of physiological one and psychological one as crucial elements of all nerve procedures were evaluated. Behavior could be combined well with Pawlows results reflex conditioned by the emergence and supported the Behaviorismus in its requirement, on the basis of the reflex and the conditioned reaction all behavior to explain and to condition be able. The Archimedean point of a democratic Tabula rasa principle and the firm faith in unlimited the adjustment ability and improving of humans in a social ideal condition bore a behavioristischen feasibility illusion. From the value in use of a theory without affirming or contradicting arguments for the question, how the human behavior does not steer itself so and differently, an exchange value in the service of utilitaristischer objectives became.

Similarly as in totalitarian regimes humans become today - in such a way K. Lorenz - by a thought out system prevented by manipulations from their individual development, because they are delivered as parts of alienated people masses massenmedial an advertising technology, which develops on scientific realizations is and a cause of a circulation of positive feedbacks, which unfolds to a waste-oriented society, will offer, into the large-scale enterprises only monotonous unit goods. Culture history the mode of their origins as ethnical Tracht over the according to rank clothes of the early modern times up to the today's fashionable status symbols occupies this erroneous trend, which struck also sciences, which align their field of application at the demand of humans, who want to brillieren particularly as particulars as modern as possible completely in front successfully in the mass on the simplest way.

Natural science is called simplification, classification, realization, experiment. In the building science system forms physics as the matured natural science the grobschlächtige ground floor, the clearest and simplest basis, on and more finely branched out the analysis of chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology etc. increased in each case. refer. Not the self-legalnesses of the more special natural sciences is dissolved, but their borders, at their seam new sciences as bspw. biochemistry develop. The reference to simple and clear, but evenly technical-physical realizations behavior devalues biology to a Seitenarm of physics and subjects also the behavior research to this trend, although all regularities from the function of biological structures result (environmental condition and to it adapted behavior), human for explanation. Without its description one cannot arrive at the classification and realization of the causes, by which the behavior is really determined. The reference to simpler chemistry and physics when large ignoring that very many more complex biological connections extract the behavior from its biological general context and examine it atomistically without consideration of the way, like it into the general context inserted actual in such a way K. Lorenz.

The reduction toward physics does not even notice the special biological structure, in which the subsystems join themselves, and from that the system properties of the whole system become only understandable - these connections remain in the blind mark (Nicolai Hartmann/Paul white). And it stands to fear that always far scientific ranges is subjected such as sociology, psychology and in most recent time brain research and genetics to this scientific-technical trend.

Also in biology creates itself physical fashion accurate Fetische, filters structure-bound system properties away and produces light simplicity, which on the one hand feeling, which recognizes the behavior accompanied, when something indecent repels, on the other hand however its objective results not than results of its subjective Unanständigkeitsempfindens, this realization remains with the researcher, completely embarrassed in the fetischistischen status symbols of the exactness, in the blind mark (Donald Griffin). Instead it solidifies before Verachtung, if other researchers want to win substantial views of the nature of behavior by along-feeling observation and description.

Some make the science responsible for the enumerated death sins. K. Lorenz believes on the contrary that scientists are stricken as minor children of their time of the Entmenschlichungserscheinungen of the civilization and carry out mankind only assistance with the development into its own dead end. K. Lorenz fears all-worst, but it happens them quite, who does not want to hear, must feel even.

Procedures, which endanger mankind, are - like that Konrad Lorenz: „The increase of the indoctrination barness of mankind. The Vermehrung of the number of humans combined in only one group of cultures leads in the association with the perfection of technical means to the influence of the public opinion to a university forming of the opinions, as it existed at no time of mankind history. To it it comes that the suggestive effect of a firmly believed doctrine with the number of its trailers grows, perhaps even in geometrical proportion. Already today at some places an individual becomes, the effect of the mass media e.g. , consciously of the television extracts, when pathologically regards. The entindividualisierenden effects are welcome all those, which want to manipulate large people masses. Forming of an opinion, advertising technology and sent steered fashion help on this side the large-scale producers and the functionaries beyond the iron curtain to homogeneous power over the masses. “(S. 108-109)

nuclear weapons (S. 106)

“The armament of mankind with nuclear weapons causes dangers for mankind, which are to be avoided more easily than those, those the before discussed seven procedures rises.” (S. 109)

Summary (S. 107 - 109)


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