The three small Schweinchen

the three small Schweinchen (also the three Schweinchen, the small Schweinchen, the fairy tale/the history of (three) the small Schweinchen) is an English fairy tale.

In the fairy tale become three pigs, which everyone threatens for itself in a straw, a wood and a stone house to live, from a wolf. Tries the wolf, which umzupusten houses, which also succeeds to it with straw and timber building.

From the fairy tale there are also some Zeichentrickfilme and Cartoons. These take up the motive partly also parodistisch. That roll Disney - film the three small Schweinchen (The Three Little Pigs) from the row Silly Symphonies (director Burton Gillett) became to 27. May 1933 uraufgeführt and extremely successfully ran thereafter as Vorfilm in countless cinemas. The voice supplied the synchronous speaker Billy Bletcher. It became with the OSCAR for the best animated Kurzfilm premium ore.

The instructing part of the people narration - that diligence and hard, thorough work disburse themselves, while comfort and leichtlebige ease create problems - was maintained, but defused: The Schweinchen, which lives in the houses from straw and wood, is not eaten as in the original, but can save itself into the stone house of the third Schweinchens. Also the wolf dies not here, but verb-rests themselves only.

The three Schweinchen are called with Disney Fiddler, Piper and The Practical Pig (German: Fiddler, Pfeiffer, Schweinchen smart).


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