The glorious seven

film data
of German titles: The glorious seven
original titles: The Magnificent Seven
production country: The USA
feature year: 1960
length (PAL - DVD): 128 minutes
of source language: English, Spanish
age release: FSK 12
direction: John Sturges
film script: William Robert
production: John Sturges, walter Mirisch
music: Elmer amber
camera: Charles long
cut: Ferris Webster

glorious filters (The Magnificent Seven) is a Remake of the Akira Kurosawa - film the seven Samurai. The Western from the year 1960 developed under the direction of John Sturges. United Artists brought the film 1961 into the German cinemas.

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the topic of the film is an adaptation of the film the seven Samurai (Shichinin NO samurai) (1954) of Akira Kurosawa.

A Mexican village threatened by bandits looks for itself sieved gun heroes, who are to protect it. Everyone of the seven heroes participates for another reason in this action. After at the end of the film four of the seven gun heroes died, the leader that sees filters, Chris Adam (Yul Brynner): „We lose! - We always lose! “

The film shines by an extensive star quantity: beside Yul Brynner play Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, James Coburn, Brad Dexter, and refuge book wood, for which the film should become its largest success in America, also. Eli barrier oh, which along-plays later also in Italo Western (The Good, the bath and the Ugly, 1966), embodies the role of the rogue.


the film music of Elmer amber 1961 for the OSCAR were nominated. The title topic was reused later for the Marlboro cigarette advertisement.

continuations and Remakes

glorious filters found altogether three „official “successors, that likewise played in the wild west, but success not to repeat could:

  • The return glorious filters (Return OF the Seven) (1966)
  • the revenge glorious filters (Guns OF the Magnificent Seven) (1969)
  • the death ride glorious filters (The Magnificent Seven Ride!) (1972)

the moreover one there are screen versions, which take up likewise the topic out „the seven Samurai “:


  • in the Sciencefiction film Westworld (1973) plays Yul Brynner a black gewandeten gun hero Androiden in the style of its representation from the glorious filters.
  • In the Parodie three Amigos (¡ Three Amigos!) (1986) three Filmschauspieler (represented of Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short) are regarded as genuine gun heroes and are to a pressed village to assistance to come
  • 1998 seized an American TV serial the topic under the title The magnificent Seven in 23 episodes. The main roles play among other things Michael Biehn (terminator 2), Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Dale Midkiff (Time Trax).
  • It gives likewise child book series of Alfred's to pasture man, who uses the designation glorious filters.
  • The material was worked on by the Münster theatre label Herz&Mund ([1]) for the theatre and at the 1. October 2004 in the theatre in the pump house in Münster uraufgeführt.
  • The film large crawling takes up likewise the topic.
  • In the film petrol the new film (of and with Otto Waalkes) is used in a merry scene glorious filters as password for the entrance to the baking steam turbine and gas turbine system range of the Actionhelden “anvil”.
  • In the work the dark tower of Stephen King (better said in the part of “Susannah”) a purchase manufactured between the main group of the book and the glorious filters, also is “we are travelers in lead” a recurring sentence in this book.


the film appeared in several versions on DVD and video home system video. From the film music there are likewise different offerers.

Film music selection

  • The Magnificent Seven, Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6559
  • The Magnificent Seven, cook record 3-7222-2 H1 (retake)

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