The intelligent small hen

film data
of German titles: The intelligent small hen
original title: The meadow Little Hen
production country: The USA
feature year: 1934
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 7 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 0
direction: Bert Gillett
film script:
Production: Roll Disney
  • Clarence Nash: Voice of Donald duck
  • animation: Kind Babbitt,
    thickly Huemer,
    thickly Lundy,
    Ward Kimball

The meadow Little Hen (the intelligent small hen) is an US-American Zeichentrickfilm from 1934 on rolls Disney - production, which on the fairy tale The Little talk Hen be based.

The film from the Silly Symphonies - row contains the first appearance of Donald ducks, which lives in this film still on a boat and therefore the typical sailor suit carries, which it maintained until today. The film became to 9. June 1934 for the first time specified, therefore this date is considered officially as date of birth of Donald ducks.

Table of contents

the film


the intelligent small hen wants to sow corn and asks therefore the pig Peter Pig and the duck Donald ducks around assistance. These maintain however it would have belly pain, in order to avoid the work. The hen saw therefore corn. After corn grew and to be harvested is asks the hen Peter and Donald again for assistance, but these talk again itself out. After corn was harvested by the hen and converted to leckeren meals, ask Peter to get and Donald somewhat of it. The hen gives them a basket, in which instead of the hoped for meals however only one bottle castor-oil is.

further filming

the former Disney coworker practice Iwerks produced in his Studio in the same year likewise a trick film version of this fairy tale under the title The Little talk Hen.

performance in Germany

in Germany was specified for the first time the film 1935, to 26. February 1935 it went through the film inspection station Berlin. Later Disney the export of further films stopped few months into the German Reich, so that this remained the only Donald ducking trick film shown to end of war in Germany.

1991 were published the film on video, whereby the title was translated incorrectly into the intelligent small Gockel, although it concerns clearly a female hen. 2004 appeared the film on the DVD roll Disney preciousnesses: Merry world of the melodies, this time with correctly translated title the intelligent small hen.

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