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the daily paper
description German daily paper
publishing house taz, the daily paper publishing house cooperative EEC
first edition 1978
Feature way daily Monday until Saturday
sold 59,006
copies to edition (IVW
Editor-in-chief Bascha Mika
publisher taz cooperative
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daily paper (abbreviation taz) is the seventh-largest supraregional daily paper of the Federal Republic. It was created 1978 in West Berlin as left, administered newspaper project. Publisher is the taz Verlagsgenossenschaft e.G. Since 1999 Bascha is Mika chief talking document urine of the sheet.

Table of contents

the newspaper

the sold edition taz amounts to approximately60,000 copies, of it nearly 50,000 in the subscription. Taz is country widely available and appears daily from Monday to Saturday. It appears in the citizen of Berlin so mentioned format. Thus it is somewhat smaller than the other large supraregional newspapers, thosein north Germans the format appear. Since that 12. May 1995 (at that time as the first German-language newspaper) places taz its contents completely in Internet.

expenditures for regional

from the outset taz with a citizen of Berlin the regional part appeared. This is today alsoA component in the East German Lands of the Federal Republic refugee expenditures. Besides there were expenditures for regional in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Bremen. To 18. March 2006 the two latter were summarized, it appear since then an expenditure for regional north for the countries Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. This covers general regional part and a change side in each case beside the coat newspaper three sides for the countries Bremen and Hamburg.


taz developed in consequence of the congress of doing ix (January 1978 in Berlin) and was alsoa reaction to „the German autumn “ 1977. The first Vorausgabe appeared to 27. September 1978 (interestingly enough it carried however the date 22. September - the treatment of the first „zero-number had whole 5 days “lasted). The first regular expenditure tazappeared then to 17. April 1979. The newspaper understood itself as alternative to so far excluding civil oriented newspaper market with the target group the student, alternative, the Green, link liberal, left social-democracy and the particularly starting from 1980 strongly increasing Hausbesetzerbewegung.

Work on []

Political adjustment

Taz, which stands traditionally left, frequently the Red-Green government criticized, positioned themselves however before the election to the Bundestag 2005 clearly against a possible CDU - government. Among other things it sketched Buttons to protest against a possible Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel,against the planned “head lump sum “and against a uncritical relationship to the policy US - of president George W. Bush.

Taz absolutely even a still more radical reform stands up to the lower case how behind the spelling reform and wishes themselvesin English.

payment of the coworkers

round 250 employees in editorship and publishing house work for taz. Taz it could never afford to pay their employees branchenüblich. Until 1991 there was a standard wage for all employees,from the Layouter to chief talking document urine. Since that time there are “impactimpact impacts” from few hundred euro, approximately for the director/conductor of the individual departments. The gross wage for most employees does not lie according to taz Haustarif with approximately 2,000 euro in the month, it gives vacation orChristmas benefit.


since its establishment stood taz several times before the financial collapse. With failed campaigns the newspaper has to get again and again tried, more subscriber. During an extortion campaign the editorship threatened for example: if in thisWeek not enough new Abos to be locked, appears the newspaper one day long without photos, without criticism, as boulevard sheet etc. In the first half-year taz for the first time in its history the profit could book 2003. In a contribution for tazsubordinated therefore the publisher of the FAZ, franc Schirrmacher, to the readership taz of the Masochismus, since they expose themselves to voluntarily regular compulsions for the conclusion of a Abos.

At the end of of 2003 looked for taz the financial sources for taz the development limited partnership, those among other things sincethat 8. December 2003 a daily local section in North Rhine-Westphalia finances. Until today editors earn with taz clearly less than in other newspapers, partially do without them from solidarity with the newspaper on a part of their content.

In the winter 2004started taz with the special edition - Erlesenes receive a Abokampagne, with which to the special meaning of daily papers at the same time is to be made generally attentive. As authors for example July Maxim Biller knew toe, Michael Jürgs, F. W. Amber or Michael Rutschky to be won. The Cartoonisten hitting a corner hard Henscheid and Manfred Bofinger contributed a graphic east west dialogue .

Since that 30. April 2005 has taz the new title page, with which it tries above all, the number thatTo increase kiosk purchases. Thus now a topic is located more in the center, which is underlined also by a large picture.

The regular Abopreis amounts to 30 € for each month (standard price) [sic], can be shortened however on € 21,50 (reduction price) oron 37€ to be raised (political price). Which price is paid is itself at the financial Kraft of the subscriber to decide, however no examination takes place; taz it trusts here in the fact that the subscribers know the value of the daily paper. The moreover one it givesstill the digital taz Abo, which consists alternatively of text, HTML, or pdf files. All regional sides and Le Monde diplomatique for 10 are contained € in the month.

In the summer taz the new election Abo offered 2005 . Up to 18. September 2005,thus the Bundestag new elections, the subscriber a Kurzabo could refer at the price of € 50. This is to be converted after the choice and final formation of a government into a Abo to the political price (€36 /Monat), less the Prozentzahl of the union with a choice victory from Angela Merkel (with or without FDP), or less the Prozentzahl of the SPD at a large coalition or less 100% if at power remains red green (in this case the Abo would be thus free).

After that Bundestagswahl 2005, als feststand, dass es auf eine große Koalition zugeht, kam von der taz das Angebot eines Große-Koalition-bewirkt-Großes-Abo. It concerned a Abo to the normal Abopreis, that the reader a linkage of the political development andsuggested to the subscription. The Abo applied to a legislative period; during the following legislative period was it in vain. The Aboanzeige was however in such a way opened that it seemed, as if economic recovery or further depression affects differently the Abo.

Work on []

Attention exciting actions

after since that 26. February 1990 one in the GDR produced taz GDR had appeared, published these in June 1990 as the first newspaper in a special issue the list all state security service - objects in the GDR. In December 1991 came up then taz the east so mentioned in the nut/mother newspaper.

During the German preliminary decision to Eurovision the Song Contest 2003 supported taz the singer Senait with the song heart from ice. Those were allowed the text of the songReaders taz write, equally several melodies stood to the selection. In the German preliminary decision Senait came on the third place.

In December 2003 the editorship became long in the context of the student protests against the cuts in the budget to the citizen of Berlin Universities of a timeoccupied.

In May 2004 taz on the occasion of the planned liberalisation of the trust right for newspapers a daily row started to a newspaper circles, and made successfully with it attentive to the increasing press concentration.

The daily paper, which already writes its title since 1982 small,published to 12. August 2004 an expenditure in a moderate lower case. This was meant as counterreaction on the announcement of some German publishing houses to the return to the old orthography.

For copyright reasons taz their column „news of the day was allowed “not furtherthis name give. Since then it calls the column „forbidden “, among them stood up to the reform of the page one to 30. April 2005 in small writing „forbidden may not be called news of the day. “

A brand name taz are headings, the biting comments to the actualMessage contain. In addition for example the title pages count

  • „left make for Peng “(to the atomic test of the Chinese Prime Minister Li Peng)
  • „wood man reorganize Schröder “(to the intervention Gerhard Schröders with the fastened Philipp wood man AG)
  • „Oh, my God “(to the choice of JosephRatzinger as a Pope Benedikt XVI.)
  • „Reagan now in the realm of the good one “(to the death of Ronald Reagan, which called the Soviet Union once „realm of the bad one “)
  • „a strong outlet “(to the death of Jürgen Möllemann, that during a parachute jump) „
  • of Bush died historical speech “(on an empty title page down caricature with empty speech blister is to see on the right of a Bush)
  • “each third Bavarian against Stoiber” (as dry reaction to the result of the Bavarian elections of the federal parliament 2003, with that the CSU over 60%the voices attained)
  • „Oops - they did it again “(to the decision of the US-American WählerInnen, George W. Bush at the beginning of of Nov. 2004 2. Office period to surrender)
  • „it is a girl “(to the decision of CDU/CSU in the summer 2005, Angela Merkel to the chancellor candidateto cures. The headline - in connection with a child photo Merkels - would have still experienced for the assumption of office of the Bundeskanzlerin of the world copied
  • ) „if God “(for to move the participation of young people in the catholic world youth meeting in Cologne 2005)
  • „butcher outlet “(toDeath of Slobodan Milosevic, once as „butchers by the Balkans “designation), 2006

the relationship to the picture newspaper

a special relationship has taz to the picture newspaper. Their editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann complained against taz, as an taz author Gerhard Henschel to 8. May 2002 on the satire side the truth stated, Diekmann its Penis operational extend to let had wanted itself. Diekmann sued taz for 30.000 euro the compensation. Citizen of Berlin the Court of Appeal decided in second instance that Diekmann as an editor-in-chief of the picture newspaper „consciouslyits economic advantage from the personality law breaking of others looks for “and therefore „less heavily by the injury of his own personality right one loads “. It must assume „those standards, which he imposes others opposite are also for it from importance “. Thereforethe court did not classify the personality injury as so serious that a smart money is appropriate. At the same time the court forbade taz repeating the message. In March 2006 Diekmann of the Turkish “Hürriyet” said that the complaint “an error” beenis. It made itself the more ridiculous thereby.

To 50. Birthday of the picture newspaper in the year 2002 titelte taz „the 50 years picture - now reichts!“, in order to protest against the boulevard journalism to that in such a way picture. To 25. Birthday thattaz (to 27. Septembers 2003) were invited against it the favourite enemies as editors for one day into the daily paper to the cooperation (hostile takeover). Editor-in-chief of the expenditure was dock Diekmann. In selbiger expenditure old chancellor Helmut Kohl became also for the first timefor taz interviewt.

the Logo

the Logo taz is the casting of a paw (also “Tazze” mentioned). Roland Matticzk, the inventor of the Logos, missed itself it however, in the years of the foundation taz the rights to it toosecure. The company Jack Wolfskin used the favour of the hour into the 1980ern and registered it for itself. It lost the law case between the two companies taz in the year 2002 which has as a consequence that her the paw not upProducts to print may do, which belong to the core business of Jack Wolfskin. Besides it may use the paw on own products only in connection with the additive „the daily paper “.

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ISSN: 0931-9085

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