Official travel

an official travel is present, if someone is temporarily active in another place, thus outside of its dwelling and outside of its regular working place for official reasons. The official travel time is work time, if it falls into the time interval of the regular work time.

The travel expenses refunding is usually in collective agreements or an employment agreement regulated. Driving , overnight accomodation and food supply expenditures as well as other expenses are replaced to the employee. The account can be agreed upon also on the basis of the fiscal regulations.

Official travel is for example travels to customers or suppliers, to service discussions, to the participation in technical conferences and seminars, to the attendance delegations also limited by fairs and exhibitions in the interest of the company, class travels with instructors and to other authorities with Beamt (inn) EN or other enterprises with employees. The length of the official travel and the distance of the work place and/or. from the place of residence are substantial intending for the account.

With higher displays an advance can be required to the travel expenses by the employer.

See flat mileage rate, doubled housekeeping, expenses.

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