Dieter existing building

Dieter existing building (* 29. June 1958 in therapeutic bath holy city) is a German politician (CDU).

He is since 2003 an Prime Minister of the Free State Thuringia.

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basic military service in

the national People's Army existing building

began 5 criticism 6 Web on the left of [work on] lives and occupation after the Abitur 1979 a teacher study of physics and mathematics at the educational university in Erfurt, which it 1983 as diploma teacher terminated. Afterwards it was active to at the end of of 1989 as teachers for mathematics and physics at the poly-technical high school (POS ) in Geismar, since 1987 as deputy head masters. it took 1989 as delegates to 9. Educational congress thatGDR part.

In the context of its activity as teachers it should receive an honor in the June of the same yearly from the FDJ “for outstanding achievements during the communist education in the pioneer organization Ernst Thälmann” in gold. Existing building took the honor afterown instructions not on, however the associated money premium. A former coworker of the FDJ semidirect line Erfurt explained in relation to the media, it had been present with a Nachverleihung at existing building in Erfurt.

At the beginning of of 1990 it became school advice of the district holy city, in May1990 additionally departmental head for school, youth and culture.

Existing building has with his Mrs. Katharina, geb. Arand, two daughters.

a party

since 1985 is existing building member of the CDU (until 1990: CDU of the GDR). From 1991 to 2001 he was a chairman of the CDU circle federation calibration field. 1993 he was selected to the first deputy chairman and finally 2000 to regional chairmen of the CDU in Thuringia. Since then it is also member in the Federal Administration of the CDU Germany. In August 2005 it becameinto the authority team of the CDU for the election to the Bundestag 2005 with the competence for the structure east appoint.


since 1990 it is member of the Thüringer of federal state parliament. After the election of the federal parliament 1999 was it from 1999 to 2003Chairman the CDU federal state parliament parliamentary group.

Existing building is direct with 74,1% of the voices into the federal state parliament of selected delegates of the constituency 1 (calibration field I).

public offices

of the 11. February 1992 up to the 1. October 1999 belonged to existing buildingas Secretaries of cultural affairs of the federal state government from Thuringia, led of Prime Minister Bernhard Vogel.

To 5. June 2003 he was selected as a successor of Bernhard Vogel, who had withdrawn for age reasons, to the Prime Minister of the Free State Thuringia.

Of the 1. November 2003 up to 31. October 2004 he was periodically Upper House of Parliament president.


strong criticism of the opposition in the Thuringian federal state parliament harvested existing building, as in the autumn 2005 a trailer of the creationism, Siegfried Scherer, at the so-called. “Erfurter dialogue” in the ThüringerState chancellery to participate should. Above all a school book Scherers is disputed, with it to try wants the scientific arguments of the evolution theory to disprove. After critical reports in regional and supraregional media Scherer was finally again unloaded.

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