Dieter Borkowski

Dieter Borkowski (* 1. November 1928 in Berlin, † 22. February 2000 in wheel the peat) was a German writer, journalist and a historian.

Borkowski was drawn 1944 as Flakhelfer and came into Soviet war shank. He studied history, was an unsalaried employee with the citizen of Berlin broadcast and with German Institut for contemporary history and 1947 coworkers of Erich Honecker. After that 17. June 1956 it was excluded from the SED and received professional disqualification as an editor. 1960 to 1962 it was because of its contacts to the Schirdewan - Wollweber - group in detention in Berlin high beautiful living.

Under the Psedonym Arno cock ore it wrote 1966 to 1971 illegaly for the weekly paper “the time “and as a “agent of the capitalistic Brandt cross-eyed clique” again was therefore arrested. 1972 he was exchanged approximately in the FRG arrested feeler gauges of the GDR and studied in the consequence in Hanover history. 1984 it published the first Honecker biography in the Federal Republic.


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  • “betrayed loyalty. The SPD and the victims of communism ", Cologne 1994

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