Dieter Eilts

Dieter Eilts (* 13. December 1964 in Upgant bulkhead) was a successful German football player.

The Ostfriese Eilts is considered as prime example of a German football worker in the defensive centre zone. It began its soccer player career at the sports association Hage (East Frisia). Eilts denied from 1985 to 2002 390 federal league plays for the sports association Werder Bremen and obtained thereby 7 gates. With the Bremern it became 1988 and 1993 twice German master, 1991, 1994 and 1999 DFB Cup winners and won 1992 the European Cup of the Cup winners.

Because of its similarity with the Brazilian national player Alemao it also Ostfriesen Alemao was called.

Since 1993 Dieter Eilts belonged to the further circle of the national team. The break-through in the black-and-white Dress succeeded to it in the season 1995/1996. With the football European championship 1996 in England it was considered as substantial support, which achieved the European champion title for Germany. Without the vacuum cleaner in such a way specified Eilts in the back would not have become Matthias Sammer the best player of the tournament. Altogether Eilts to 1997 31 international matches without one gate each denied to have shot, however with the certainty many Gegentore to have prevented.

To 8. May 2003 communicated the DFB that Eilts starting from that 1. July 2003 the office for coach of the German U19-Nationalmannschaft will dress. Since that 6. August 2004 he is a coach of the German U21-Nationalmannschaft.


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