Dieter Grimm

Dieter Grimm (* 11. May 1937 in Kassel) is a German right scientist and was from 1987 to 1999 judges at the Federal Constitutional Court.

Grimm studied law and political science at the Universities of Frankfurt/Main and Freiburg in mash gau as well as at the free University of Berlin, that Paris Sorbonne and Harvard University. 1965 it acquired the degree of a master OF Laws (LL.M.), 1967 put it 2. Legal state examinations off. it was attained a doctorate to 1971 in Frankfurt/Main, 1979 were habilitiert. While this time was busy Grimm with the institute for Max-Planck for European historical jurisprudence in Frankfurt/Main.

1979 accepted Grimm a call on a Professur for public right at the University of Bielefeld , where he taught until 1987 and was active from 1984-1990 also as a director of the there center for interdisciplinary research. Since 1999 he is a tidy professor at the Humboldt university to Berlin and since 2001 besides rector of the Wissenschaftskollegs to Berlin. Since 2002 Grimm belongs also to the board of directors Second Channel of German Television .

As a judge Grimm belonged to the first senate of the constitutional court. It made repeated through in the jurisprudential literature broadly considered Sondervoten of itself talks, e.g. to the decision “riding in the forest” - BVerfGE 80, 137. Predecessor on its permanent post at the Federal Constitutional Court was Konrad Hessian; his successor Wolfgang Hoffmann Riem.

Its statement over “power and media “with the Mainzer days of the television criticism 2006 in the Second Channel of German Television is classified as trailblazing.< ref>,1872,2381657,00.html< /ref>

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