Dieter Kalenbach

Dieter Kalenbach (* 29. August 1937 in Duesseldorf) is a German Comiczeichner.

After the study in Hamburg at that Hamburg university for organization Kalenbach worked as free commercial artists as well as stage designers and made numerous journeys, it usually to Scandinavia led and there particularly to honing-lapping country.

Its most important work inspired by these journeys is the Comic Turi and Tolk translated into several languages, which 1973 in the magazine for the first time SERRATE one published. It acts eagle Tolk of the lappischen boy Turi and its zahmen.

For attention the 1989 provided to the hundredth birthday of Adolf Hitler published, two-restrain biography in Comicform. The text comes from peace man needy with designs of Kalenbach. While the critical Comic was promoted by the federal center for political education and the donation vintages, he was badly rezensiert among other things by January Philipp Reemtsma, since he rejects the Comic in particular as means of the historical representation of the national socialism.

Kalenbach lives today in Brobergen with Hamburg.


  • Hitler, Carlsen, Hamburg, 1989
  • Turi & Tolk, Berlin, Verl. Jurgeit, Krismann & Nobst, 2005
    • 1. - The annuitant robbers, (edition of 555 pieces limited)

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