Dieter Mueller (cook)

Dieter Mueller (* 28. July 1948 in August gene) is a German point cook.

Mueller, who originates from a Gastronomenfamilie (its older brother Jörg Mueller is likewise a point cook), locked 1966 its cook teachings with honor and worked thereafter up to the summoning into the German Federal Armed Forces two years long in the parental enterprise “peep in the country” in Raich in the south Black Forest. After six months service it was already distinguished for the best German Federal Armed Forces kitchen.

After the German Federal Armed Forces time Mueller continued to develop his talents at the hotel Swiss yard in Berne , until it pushed 1973 after a stopover on Korfu to the team of its brother into Swiss rooms in Wertheim Bettingen. It already received the first Michelinstern to 1974, since 1976 is it examined kitchen master. 1988 it published his first book “Dieter Mueller example book”, which in the following year with the gold medal was distinguished the Gastronomi academy. From 1990 to 1992 it cooks and. A. in Japan, Australia, the USA, France and Thailand.

Since February 1992 Dieter a Mueller kitchen boss and patron in the “Gourmet restaurant Dieter Mueller” is in the lock hotel Lerbach in Bergisch Gladbach; since 2005 it leads here also a cook school.

Dieter Mueller cook art brought in numerous honors for it. He was „a cook of the yearly “the Champagnerfirma jug 1982, the Gault Millau 1987 and the Gourmetzeitschrift „the Feinschmecker “1998. Its restaurant has since 1997 three Michelinsterne, thus is it one of 32 cooks world-wide, who this honor assign became. It receives since 2001 three cook caps in the VARTA - leader, the Gourmetzeitschrift „the Feinschmecker “evaluated its restaurant as „in each regard perfectly “.

For its 2000 published example book of “secrets from my three-star kitchen” it was distinguished as first Germans with the example book price “Prix la Mazille international”; it received the highest gastronomische honor of the USA, the “Five star dia. moon Award” to 2003. The restaurant Guide” Gault Millau 2006 “lent Dieter Mueller (as well as Harald welfare and Helmut Thieltges) with 19,5 (of 20 possible, ever not assigned) points the current maximum valuation.

In July 2005 Dieter Mueller was allowed to baptize a rose on its names as a first German cook.

It lives with his Mrs. Birgit and three children in Odenthal.

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