Dieter Spöri

Dieter Spöri (* 15. May 1943 in Stuttgart) is a German politician (SPD). He was from 1992 to 1996 a deputy Prime Minister and minister of economics of the country Baden-Wuerttemberg.

There Spöri studied economic science in Tübingen and was, beside Rudolf Hickel of one the leader of the “68er-Revolution”. From 1976 to 1988 he was Member of the Bundestag for the constituency Heilbronn with the emphasis policy of subsidizing.

After it began for the first time for the election of the federal parliament 1988 as SPD leading candidate against Prime Minister Lothar Späth, it changed to the choice, which did not bring serious changes in the result (CDU: 49.0% and thus losses at a value of 2,9%, in contrast to this a stagnating SPD result (32.0% contrary to 32,4% 1984) into the federal state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

After he was with the election of the federal parliament 1992 again leading candidate (this time against Erwin devil) and the choice for both people's parties substantial voice losses brought (in such a way the CDU sagged around 9,5% to 39,6% and the SPD around 2,6% to 29,4% of the voices) and a formation of a government without the SPD due to the introduction of the republicans into the federal state parliament was realistically regarded not possible, he became a deputy Prime Minister and minister of economics of the large coalition under Erwin devil (CDU). After the SPD under its third point candidacy achieved its worst result with the elections of the federal parliament 1996 with 25,1 per cent since national establishment, quit devil the large coalition in favor of a coalition with the FDP and its direct mandate in Heilbronn lost Spöri, it withdrew itself from the policy.

Spöri works today as lobbyist at the Federal Government for the DaimlerChrysler AG in Berlin. It sits also in the supervisory board of the software company SAP AG, barrier village.


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