Dieter Thomas's tail

Dieter Thomas's tail (* 29. December 1937 in Flensburg; actually Carl Dieter Heck) is a German hit singer, moderator, an actor, a Showmaster, a used car salesman, a producer and an entertainer.


Dieter Thomas's tail father is illegitimateSon of the prince Carl Gustav to Ysenburg and le things (1875-1941). Tail buildup in Hamburg. As a child tail was three days long buried under cellar stairs after a bomb attack on Hamburg. Because of this trauma tail began after its rescue too stottern.

After conclusion of the middle school,tail took singing instruction to a technical high school and commercial training in the autoindustry, in order to loose-will its Stottern. Tail of Germany “high-speed speaker number unity” became later. It appeared 1959 in Peter Frankenfelds Talentshow toi, toi, toi as a singer with the title “Hippe those hipp, my girl” and sang 1961 in the preliminary decision of the Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la chanson - today Eurovision Song Contest.

1963 were discovered tail by the southwest radio as moderator, where he worked first in sound broadcasting. After one year it changed to radio Luxembourg, where itself the moderators onlypresent with their first name. Since there was a Dieter with radio Luxembourg already, tail added itself Thomas” after an inquiry in the Bravo the second first name “, who appears from now on - first always into stating lines set - in its name. Over the European wave Saar,with that tail with the transmission the German hit parade was so successful that also various hit appeared records with its presentations, arrived he at the Second Channel of German Television, where it moderated the Second Channel of German Television hit parade from 1969 to 1984 altogether 183 times (without extra charges). After initial criticism by thoseThe Second Channel of German Television hit parade was established media to one of the most important music transmissions of the 1970er and 1980er years. Tail moderated then again with Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation the transmissions property mood from southwest and from the telephone to the microphone from 1982 to 1989.

Tail moderated further transmissions for the Second Channel of German Television, under it 4against 4 (1973), the pyramid (1978), in black and white, your employment please - larva in Germany, that is finally their life (1994) , the large lot , Showpalast , the summer Hitfestival , the Silvester Hitfestival and melodies for millions, the Gala for the world hunger assistance.

Tail initiated also the price golden tuning fork. As an actor tail guest roles in TV-Krimiserien played such as z. B. Scene or in the previous evening eve of practice Bülowbogen. 1970 it had a remarkable appearance in the television play the million-play.


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