Dietrich Kralik

Dietrich Kralik knight of Meyrswalden (* 15. August 1884 in Vienna; † 27. December 1959 in Vienna) was a Austrian old Germanist.

In the year 1924 it was appointed as a professor to the University of Vienna and the directors/conductors of the dictionary commission of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He lived in the house at the Kralikplatz, built by its father.

Dietrich Kralik knight of Meyrswalden is the son of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Kralik, brother of Heinrich Kralik and father of Elfriede Kralik.


  • German hero seal, 1930
  • the Nibelungenlied, 1941
  • the Elegie Walthers of the bird pasture. Vienna: Rohrer into come., 1952
  • the Danish Ballade of Grimhilds revenge and the prehistory of the Nibelungenliedes/from D. Deduction hrsg. - Vienna: Österr. Academy D. Sciences, 1962

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