the word digital comes from latin digitus, „ the finger “.

The connection to counting and the English word digit for „number “therefore agitates probably that humans in earlier times with the fingers counted.

  • Medicine: the fingerconcerning, with the finger
  • technology 1: digital signals lie as worth and a time discrete sequences of numbers forwards (see digitization). The opposite are similar signals and techniques.
  • Technology 2: The representation of values in the form of numbers or numbers
  • of economics, inthe bookkeeping: digital writing-off the arithmetic-degressive writing-off is called.
  • Term for the description of a communication form, coined/shaped by Paul Watzlawick. The part of communication is named, from the numberable - for the pure wording of the language to thus formis. The word digitally then often refers to the successively and the bivalent truth system (truely/wrongly) of the word in the sense of language. The term is for this however strict from the terms binary and/or. To define binarily, which the actual purchase to the bivalentTruth system form.
  • Digitally also an often used short form for the company name is - for example Digital Equipment corporation.

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this side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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