Digitally Research

digitally Research (DR or DRI) was a software producer among other things in the USA, that the operating systems to CP/M and DR-DOS as well as the user surface IN ACCORDANCE WITH on the market brought.

Was created digitally Research of Gary keel-Kiel in the year 1976. Thus DR was thosefirst large software company of the microcomputer world and up to the beginning of the 1980er years the prominent manufacturer of operating systems for personnel computer. Also for of IBM first PC digitally Research should supply the operating system. The negotiations became however too difficult. Thus IBM short hand assigned a smallCompany named Microsoft (at that time offerers of a BASIC interpreter for Home and personnel computer) with the task. Until digitally Research the error recognized and a IBM-PC compatible version of their operating system brought on the market, it was already too late.

Also the attempt, with in ACCORDANCE WITH - system thatCenter of the 1980er - years still quite little successful Windows - versions competition to make, was successful only at the beginning. With the version 3.0 of Ms-Windows digitally Research continued to come ever under pressure and the end of IN ACCORDANCE WITH was only a question of the time. Although IN ACCORDANCE WITHstill clearly longer as surface of the Atari sp - computers was used, was digital Research at the beginning of the 1990er than manufacturers of operating systems from running. 1991 were bought up DR von Novell.


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