Dimitrios Grammozis

Dimitrios Grammozis (* 8. July 1978 in Wuppertal) is a Greek football player.

The versatile applicable defense and defensive midfield players began in the year 1984 its career in the Velberter quarter Neviges, with the there TuS Neviges. After four years it changed 1988 within the city to the SSVg. Velbert, for which it completed three years. With its last station in Velbert it played then exactly two years for Borussia Velbert, before it went to 1992 into its birth city, to the there largest association Wuppertaler sports association.

After two years in the youth crews of the Wuppertaler sports association it changed 1994 to KFC the Uerdingen. As straight once 18-jähriger it played itself in the 2. Federal league into the master formation and after a further play time he was transferred for 350.000 euro into the federal league to Hamburg sports association.

Within the two years with a locking qualification to the League it could intersperse champions apart from good plays not durably as master players and changed themselves to the season 2000/01 to the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern.

Its five years there were coined/shaped from injury problems and difficulties with the coaches changing in each case, particularly in its last two play times.

It changed thereupon at the beginning of the season 2005/06 to the federal league on riser 1. Fiber plastic Cologne.

Its contract with the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne runs up to the conclusion of the season 2006/07.


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