director (lat.) can mean:

director as leaders

as a director (lat.) one designates a vocational position with line function; thus it gives for example:

a director is ranked in enterprises among the group of the managers.

A general manager is the chairman of the board of a corporation, a large authority or an other institutionalized mechanism. Are assigned to to it usually to two deputies and some specialist area - directors.

ThoseControl instance of the general manager of an AG is the supervisory board - chairman, who can dismiss it when being present conclusive reasons and after a tuning in the supervisory board from his office.

In opera houses there is a head conductor ( GMD ) beside the director.

See also: President (administration), chairman, department manager, Secretary-General

director as subordinated leaders

the colloquial language calls those persons director of breakfast, who formally lead the title of a director (or another line function), however only tasks of representation notices. The designation director of breakfast is used also with negative taste, over the authority and/or.To mark incompetence of a manager.

Enterprises, which are subject to a strong American influence in their structure, know many hierarchy - stages. Above the position of a director (English. director) are usually still positions with the designations “President “and “Vice President” (dt. Vice-president). Further hierarchic levels becomeby placing the additive “Group in front " ~ in an educated manner. The use of the hierarchy titles works often inflationary and permits no clear conclusions on the size of the led organizational units .

director in the technology

in the building of antennas designates director a passive amplifier element with directional antennas, sees Yagi array.


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