Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (2004)

Dirk Werner Nowitzki (* 19. June 1978 in peppering castle) is a German basketball player and the up-to-date only German in the US professional league NBA. By its numerous honors it is considered to the best as an at present best basketball player of Europe as well as one world-wide.Nowitzki plays since 1998 with the Dallas Mavericks and stands there until 2008 under contract. With scarcely 14 million US Dollar annual salary he is a up-to-date bestbezahlte German sportsman after Michael Schumacher.

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career Nowitzki only with 13 years, basketball to play (school crew peppering citizen Roentgen High School). Its Mentor and coach Holger Geschwindner accomplished an intensive training with it in this time and stand for it also today stillin important season phases (Playoffs, etc.) and/or with important tournaments with advice and act to the side.

Nowitzki was in the season 1997/98 of most successful basket contactors and Rebounder of the secondary lyingists at that time DJK peppering castle and help the crew crucially to the ascent into the basketball federal league. The Scouts of the NBAbecame attentive to the 19jährigen, when it led a junior world selection with Nike the Hoop Summit against the best US juniors with an outstanding achievement to the victory. In the NBA Draft 1998 it became from the Milwaukee Bucks at 9. Place selected and afterwards to the Dallas Mavericks transfers.Dirk Nowitzki was thereby one the first German Basketballer at all, which changed directly from Europe into the NBA. In the 90's among other things the Detlef Schrempf successful with the Seattle Supersonics on an American college had played before.

With its association, the Dallas Mavericks, Nowitzki was introduced as “German miracle child”. With this large expectation pressure Nowitzki had trouble in its first NBA year, could however the requirements to a “beginner” in the NBA was placed well to fulfill. Clear it was from the outset that it an unusually talentierter basketball playerwith a great perspective was. Already in its second season the young German in all statistic categories improved clearly and could be established as a guidance player of its team. Since the play time 2000/2001 Nowitzki is the most successful basket hunter of the Mavericks. Meanwhile Dirk Nowitzki is more five timesAll star. In the NBA Play offs 2003, where he reached the semi-final with the Dallas Mavericks, succeeded to it with 46 points in a play an association record. At the beginning of of December 2004 it could over-bid this record again with 53 points against the Houston Rockets. Alreadythe season ago 2002/2003 Nowitzki had been selected from the NBA Vereinspräsidenten to the best foreign player of the NBA. Nowitzki was appointed in its career so far five times into a universe NBA team (universe NBA Third team 2001, 2004 - universe NBA Second team 2002, 2003 - universe NBA ROOFRIDGE team 2005). 2005 it in addition third became with the choiceto the MVP (most valuable player), which likewise means an enormous honour. He is the first European in the history of the NBA, which was selected in the universe NBA ROOFRIDGE team. Further it succeeded to it as first a European player at all to obtain more than 2000 points in a NBA season (season2002/2003, in the meantime also 2004/2005). In the NBA season 2004/2005 Nowitzki led its team again into the Playoffs. Up-to-date in the season 2005/06 it broke the team record of the Mavericks, by meeting 61 free throws successively.

The Italian Gazzetta dello sport selected it 2002, 2003.2004 and 2005to the best European basketball player. With the German basketball national team Nowitzki reached the bronze medal of the basketball world championship 2002 as well as the silver medal with the basketball European championship 2005. He was selected with both tournaments, like already at the EM 2001, to the best player of the tournament (MVP).

With the basketball EM2005 were Nowitzki the projecting player of the German crew. With it Germany got the Silbermedallie. Nowitzki was selected as the most valuable player of the tournament (MVP), distinguished as best Scorer (point collecting tanks) and appointed into the “universe Tournament team”.

In February 2006 Nowitzki won the competition of point of three 55.NBA Allstar weekend. In the first passage it sat down very lucky against title defender Quentin Richardson (New York of break), to team colleague Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks) and Chauncey Billups (Detroit Pistons) through (Nowitzki sank last 2 points the counting so-called. Moneyball upon completion, overhauled Jason Terry and arosethe same score as Gilbert Arenas) and pulled to all with Ray (Seattle Supersonics) as well as Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards) in the final in. There Dirk obtained 18 points and won clearly before Ray all and Gilbert Arenas. Thus it solved Peja Stojakovic (Indiana Pacers) as a largest winnerthe Shootouts off.

technology and call

Dirk Nowitzki (2005)

its strength lie in the fact that it is enormously versatile despite its size of (2.13 m) and possesses for a “7-Footer in such a way specified” (player over 2,13 m) a outstanding throw technology. Contrary to many differentPlayers of its size, who score particularly in basket proximity, Nowitzki has a large range and is considered also as very good three point contactors. Critics hold if necessary an only average defense achievement to him against. Therefore it was called at the beginning of its NBA career of the fans also jokeful “IRC” (“IRC- NO D ", whereby “D stands” for Defense, defense). Since its Erstjahr 1998 Dirk developed itself further however and by hard work in training also in the defense enormously improved. Now he gets also wohlwollendere pointed names like “Dirkules”, “thick star” or “Dunking Deutschman”. It is to onealmost complete player ripened. End of the regular play time 2004/2005 was Nowitzki of one of the few players, who could show Top placements in the two most important individual statistics of the NBA: he was fourth-best thrower with on the average 26.1 points per play, which represents also its personal Bestmarke, and twelfth-best Rebounderwith 9,7 Rebounds per play. Since that 9. December 2005 is it to become in addition universe TimeLeader in Rebounds with the Dallas Mavericks and likewise on a good way also universe TimeLeader in things points and to overhaul thus Rolando Blackman.


its more up-to-dateContract with the Dallas Mavericks runs up to the year 2007 and contains a one-sided option for Nowitzki to extend it around a further year. For the season 2005/2006 are its content at 13,8 million US dollar, in the subsequent year about 15,1 million US dollar.If Nowitzki of its player option for the play time should make 2007/2008 use, then its content in the play time would amount to 16.3 million US dollar. Contracts with progressive content development, thus rising the content to the contract end, are in the NBA the normal case.



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