Dirty Harry

film data
of German titles: Dirty Harry
original title: Dirty Harry
production country: The USA
feature year: 1971
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 99 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Don seal
film script: Harry Julian finch
production: Robert Daley, Carl Pingitore , Don seal
music: Lalo Schifrin
camera: Bruce Surtees
cut: Carl Pingitore

Dirty Harry is an US-American Kriminalfilm from the year 1971. The thriller playing in San Francisco was produced by director Don seal and ranks among the most well-known and most influential police films. It shows the unorthodox supervisor Callahan with the hunt for a psychopathischen series murderer.

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an unknown quantity killer (Andrew Robinson) kills from the roof of a Wolkenkratzers from a notionless girl. The author, who calls himself „scorpio “, threatens with further murders and demands ransom. The mayor (John Vernon) assigns supervisor Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) to seize the killer as soon as possible. Callahan, a zynischer loner, is for its hard, although effective methods of investigation admits and has regular annoyance with its superiors.

With its young partner Gonzales (Reni Santoni) - to which the against-willing supervisor is obligatorily assigned - Callahan takes up the determinations. With a aufwändigen ransom delivery the supervisor von Scorpio, a young Psychopathen in the Hippie Look is brutally abused. Callahan seeks out the killer in its hiding place and presses with torture methods the place of residence out of its last victim, a 14-jährigen of girl, of it. It is in vain: The girl, buried by Scorpio alive, is already suffocated. Scorpio starts a public campaign against supervisor Callahan, to who arbitrariness and brutality are accused. When the killer brings a school bus of full children into his force, it is placed by Callahan and shot after a pursuit. Angewidert throws the supervisor its police mark away.


the action of the film is based on the events around „the Zodiac “- killer, that shot humans indiscriminately into the late 1960er years in San Francisco. „The Zodiac “- killer was never seized.

First Frank Sinatra should play the role of the Harry Callahan. When Sinatra separated because of a hand injury, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and John Wayne for the role were in the discussion. Finally she was taken over by Clint Eastwood. The role of the Scorpio should be played first by Audie Murphy, which deceased then however with an aircraft crash. Before Don seal took over the direction, also Irvin Kershner and Sydney pole lacquer were in the closer choice.

The film should be turned first in Seattle, but seals and Eastwood decided to select as scene San Francisco. Clint Eastwood implemented all Stunts in the film, among them also the risky jump of the bridge on the roof of the driving bus.


Dirty Harry proved world-wide as hit and became one of the most successful films of the yearly 1971. After Clint Eastwood had become already very popular by its Western and act ion films, with this film the break-through succeeded to him at the Hollywood - superstar. The popularity of the Dirty Harry figure was so large in the 1970er and 1980er years that to 1988 four continuations were produced. After general tenor no the quality of the original film reached. See also Dirty Harry II - Callahan (1973), Dirty Harry III - the inexorable one (1976), to Dirty Harry returns (1983) and Dirty Harry IV - the death play (1988).

In the zynischen, illusionless figure of the Harry Callahan the spirit of the time that was reflected Viet Nam - and Watergate - era again. The distrust in relation to the established institutions was articulated by Callahan in drastic way, by calling the existing laws „shit “. But during in the new Hollywood - films the same time the society from a left perspective, represented Callahan in the role of the survive-large gun man rather conservative ideals was criticized. Callahan „solved “the problems with its enormous 44er-Magnum-Revolver.

In this connection it was pointed out that the scorpio killer is a Hippie and the film in the flow he power - metropolis San Francisco plays. The obvious interpretation is that Dirty Harry also in in civil circles - wide-spread in relation to uneasiness the Gegenkultur of the 1960er years expresses.

Dirty Harry was controversially discussed and attacked sharply for example of the influential Filmkritikerin Pauline Kael, since he publicised their opinion after self law. Clint Eastwood knows this interpretation back and left for the continuation Dirty Harry II - Callahan (1973) an action to sketch, with which he wanted to weaken the criticism at Dirty Harry: Callahan fights here a group against policemen, who practice to Lynchjustiz.

The contradictory figure of the supervisor Callahan was attractive for many spectator layers and became in the course of the years to a cult character of the American cinema.

The hard, zynische basic clay/tone of Dirty Harry coined/shaped the international crime film aluminum and police film of the 70's. Influences are for example in the very successful self law film a man see red (1974) with Charles Bronson or in the French thriller fear over the city (1974) with Jean Paul Belmondo recognizing.

For 2006 a Dirty Harry computer game is announced, to which Clint Eastwood wants to borrow its voice.

In each Dirty Harry film during the first five minutes a person is murdered. In each film Callahan prevents an armed robbery.

The well-known Einzeiler „Go ahead, make my Day “, with which Callahan expresses the Verachtung for its opponents, became only 1983 in Dirty Harry IV - Dirty Harry comes back spoken. Originally this sentence originates from the film Vice Squad, which was turned before one year and in that the actor Gary Swanson these words speaks.

The last scene of the film refers to the end of Fred of tin man Western twelve o'clock at noon.

A section of the philipinischen police requested a copy of Dirty Harry as training film.


the DVD of the film appeared in December 2001. It contains among other things an halfhour Making OF of the film.


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