Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort< /font>
Disneyland aus der Luft
Disneyland from air
place: Anaheim, California
opens: 17. July of 1955
visitors per year: approx. 13 million
surface: 34 hectares
of construction costses:
To the opening
17 million dollar
construction costses:
To today
personnel: -

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Californiaone is to most visited recreational parks of the world. The first park here, Disneyland, based of roll Disney and opened to 17. July 1955. Of Disney a goal was it thereby a constant recreational park - in contrast for instance to a Kirmes -to create

planning and building

around money for the project too received, Disney invented into the 1950er years a television broadcast Disneyland, which was radiated by the transmitter ABC. Today this transmitter belongs likewise to the Disney company.

Already in the planning phase after that The Second World War it became clear that for the park more country one would need, as on the area beside Disney Studios in Burbank, which was intended originally as place for Disneyland.

After investigations of scientists of the Stanford University the area in Anaheim was selected, upwere cultivated to that still Walnüsse and oranges at that time. By a new motorway connection to Los Angeles the good accessibility of the park was guaranteed and to 21. July 1954 could be begun with the building.

After nearly exactly one year and investments at a value of 17 million Dollar opened Disney the park to 17. July 1955.


since its opening is the “Magic Kingdom”, like the Disneyland fast called, had been several times extended. 1966 were added with new Orleans Square one of the last changes under of Disney personal supervision.From the idea to 1967 attraction “Pirates OF opened there the Caribbean” came out to 2003 a motion picture film of the same name . A second large extension, Critter Country developed 1972, first under the name “Bear Country”. Finally 1993 Mickey's Toontown gave the answer to the question about thatResidence of the Comic - characters by Disney.

Beside a set of hotels and restaurants, which supplemented the Disneyland in the course of the years, 2001 a further complete park, Disney's California Adventure were even added as addition of the existing Disneyland . Together with the likewise again created Downtown Disneywith business, restaurants and hotels a complete Resort developed, comparably with rolls Disney World Resort in Florida. After increases daily guests before was welcomed, one changed besides the Marketingstrategie and now the Disneyland Resort tries as a goal for vacation sojourns of several days to apply.

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Other Disneyland parks

according to the same principle of roll Disney company several further parks opened, these contrary to the original Disneyland however no more of roll later Disney themselves planned. Beside the largest recreational park of the world, roll Disney World, developed in such a wayPlants on in the meantime three different continents.

coordinates: 33°48'40 N 117°55'8 W


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